Resignation with Retirement Letter

Resignation and Retirement

All official letters follow a formal format. Similarly, a resignation with retirement letter must also be created through a formal pattern since it is an official document. There are templates available to help you write this specific letter. Online samples are also available which can provide a general idea. In this way, you can find out about the important contents to be included. In particular, attention must be paid to the overall format, the tone of the letter and its overall size. It should be a single-page document. The content should be to-the-point. Busy managers and high-level officials do not have time to go through long letters. In addition, comprehensiveness also creates a good overall impression on the reader. The basic tone should be formal and respectful.

Since it is a retirement letter, you should leave on a good note. The letter should begin by addressing the concerned official. It should then be followed by the current date. The first sentence should inform about the main purpose and subject of the letter. The following content can include the reasons for your retirement resignation. It is important to mention the total number of years you have worked for the organization. In addition, you should also provide a notice time period. It can be for two weeks or a month according to the rules of your company.

In the ending paragraph, you should show your gratitude to your employer. Remember to keep it brief and simple. Use the template to format your letter properly.


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resignation with retirement letter

Resignation with Retirement Letter Template

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