Shared Room Agreement Letter

The fundamental purpose of an agreement letter on any subject matter is to legally bind two parties on one ground in a way that both reckon to deviate from the deal will endanger their interests.

An overwhelming majority of times, such agreements are drafted owing to the fact that the participants may exceed their decided limits otherwise. There could be a number of contributing reasons for not abiding by the terms and conditions that are agreed on verbally, but the consequences become grave. Henceforth, while settling down the details of something critical in nature, individuals involved tend to opt for an official letter that describes all the aspects of the contract alongside each party’s rights and duties.

With such a letter in hand, no party can claim anything false or manipulate the vulnerabilities. The scope of an agreement latter is vast with a shared room agreement letter being a part of it.

Unlike any guest, when you subscribe to renting a room with a roommate, there are legal boundaries you have to take care of. Aside from monthly, or however you’ve decided, rent and keeping the room in good condition, there would be more clauses to be responsible for.

These conditions are mentioned in the letter with details of how much and what participants from both sides have agreed to. The letter also includes the penalties and fines in case of unfulfillment.

The letter starts with introducing involved parties and their roles. The tone of this letter is strictly subjective. An agreement form having the roommates’ personal information i.e. the contact information and ID should also be enclosed. It can help add to the validity of the contract.

Following is a sample of a shared room agreement letter. Please feel free to take some help from it. You may change the details as per your needs.

Sample Letter

To all the parties concerned,

It is brought to your notice that your request for renting one sharing room has been approved by the owner of the rental unit Mr. Joseph Adam with an address of [X]. According to this shared room agreement, Mr. John Kimmel and Mr. Alex Joe are to share one room (room # 3 by the stairs, first floor) at the rental unit located at [X] (mention owner’s home address here). The duration of the contract is month to month.

Both tenants are expected to live in harmony keeping the domestic environment healthy and contribute their parts to the wellbeing of the room. In an unfortunate event of a conflict, both parties may resolve their dispute by the mutual corporation in good faith or are entitled to the decision of an impartial third party or the primary owner of the household.

Mishandling of the room or the property within the premises of the house will be subjected to monetary punishment depending upon the loss. The monthly rent has been decided $300 each tenant which shall be handed over to the owner within the first week of each month.

Both tenants have the right to request a change of terms and conditions by writing an official letter to the primary owner of the house.

Tenant 1 Signature,
Tenant 2 Signature,
Owner’s Signature,


Shared Room Agreement Letter Template

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