Letter to Employees to Update Personal Information

Whenever you are employed at a workplace, your employer will most likely ask for your personal information in the interview and you will have to mention it in the application form as well. The purpose of taking the personal information of employees is only to check if they are legal and law-abiding citizens because hiring unidentified individuals can turn out to be a huge loss in many terms for a company.

This information is only limited to professional content like applicants’ documented name, national social security number, and permanent address alongside a recent picture. One of the motives behind getting this content is also to have a backup contact plan with the employee. Without having any source of contact with the employees, the company cannot keep track of its workers.

Thus, it is one of the fundamentals and crucial things in the employment of a person. People having no permanent contact details are highly likely to get any jobs unless otherwise.

A lot of times the company requests its workers to update their personal information too. There could be multiple reasons for this need. Sometimes in an unfortunate account, the company loses all the data or simply wants to keep the record straight, it requires its employees to continuously update their personal information on the company log so when in an emergency the employer wants to make a contact, no haphazardness is made.

At your workplace, you could be in the position to request all the employees on behalf of your boss to update their personal information. Always opt for a letter to make your point. Verbal communications, even if announced to all at work, are not considered as professional and strict as written are.

Write a letter to employees to update personal information on behalf of the company. This letter will be written on the company’s official notepad and it will be from the managing director, or anyone holding the designation.

While writing this letter, you may keep the tone professional but not sound too strict. The subject matter in the discussion is undoubtedly a crucial but not a grave one so in the first notification, try to keep things on a moderate level.

You may have to send multiple, up to 3, letters because a lot of times not all of the employees abide by the new rules immediately. Some may ignore it assuming the nature of the notification is not highly urgent. You could change your tone as per the situation in these letters respectively.

Sample Letter

Dear employee,

It is hereby brought to your notice that the company requires a continuous update of your personal information. It has been 3-months since the company last posted the details of its employees on the log.

According to the organization’s rules, all the workers are to keep the official records updated, and now is the time for it. We request you all log in to your digital accounts on the website and revise your personal information as soon as possible.

The deadline for this task is 5 working days. Any deliberate delay will be penalized. Thank you for your cooperation!


Mike McLellan,

Letter to Employees to Update Personal Information

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