Sickness Excuse Letters and Emails

Due to a family emergency

This is to notify you that I am taking an early leave from work today due to a family emergency. My cousin has been in an accident and I have to rush to the hospital.

Owing to the circumstances, I am unable to finish my work on the presentation that is due tomorrow. I have requested XYZ to take over the assignment and see what he can do. Kindly assist him and provide him with some guidance as required. I shall go through the presentation first thing tomorrow morning and make the necessary changes before our meeting with the client.

I regret the inconvenience. I would be grateful for your cooperation and understanding.

Due to son/daughter sick

I am writing to request you one day leave owing to my child’s poor health condition. My daughter has been sick for the past 2 days. She is suffering from a severe chest infection. The doctors have advised to get her admitted to the hospital where she will receive antibiotic treatment along with regular nebulization. Kindly allow me to take the next three days off so that I can be with my daughter at the hospital.

I might need to extend my leave depending on my daughter’s recovery. In the meanwhile, I shall be available on phone for any urgent official matters. However, I will not be able to respond to the client’s emails or calls while I am at the hospital. I request you to have someone fill in for me during my absence. I will also try to stay up-to-date with the official proceedings so that I can promptly assist my substitute.

I thank you for your cooperation and support.

Due to childcare

This is to request you to approve my one-week leave starting from (date) to (date). I understand this is a rather inappropriate time for a leave application owing to our ongoing projects. However, my child’s nanny has suddenly fallen ill and there is no one else to look after my 1-year-old son at home. I, therefore, request you to grant me leave for the above-mentioned period.

You can reach me by phone or email whenever needed. Regretfully, I will not be able to work online from home as taking care of a toddler is a demanding job. It will not be possible to pay full attention to official matters while I am taking care of my child. However, I will make up for my absent days as soon as I return to work.

I expect to have your support and cooperation regarding this matter. Thank you.

Due to mother/father’s health

I am writing to make a special request to you. Please allow me to take off from work at 3 pm for the next 5 days starting from (date). This is because I have to take my mother to physical therapy at 4 pm every day for the mentioned period. She has been suffering from cervical and sciatica pain that needs immediate attention. Since she cannot drive in this condition, I need to take her to her therapy sessions and be there for her assistance.

I would be extremely grateful to you for your cooperation.

Due to a relative in hospital

I would like to request you to reschedule our meeting from tomorrow to Wednesday, 16th September. I apologize for the inconvenience but I have to visit my grandfather tomorrow in the hospital as he is having open-heart surgery. I will be taking an entire day off from work tomorrow.

I am sure you will understand my situation. This is a stressful time for me. However, hopefully, everything will go well and I will return to work on Wednesday. I will then be available for our meeting anytime from 10 am onwards. Please let me know what time suits you.

I shall be really grateful for your understanding and support. I look forward to meeting you.

Sickness excuse letter for son daughter sick
Sickness excuse letter for son daughter sick

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