Work from Home Request Letters for Various Reasons

Due to health condition

It is with regret that I inform you about my inability to attend office for the next two weeks. I had an unpleasant accident yesterday that resulted in a hairline fracture in my ankle. My physician has advised me to avoid driving, climbing stairs, and walking more than a few steps. I, therefore, request you to grant me permission to work from home for the said period of time.

I will be available online from 9 to 6 – the usual working hours. Any meetings with the clients can be carried out on Zoom. I will also be available round the clock on phone. I assure you there will be no compromise on the work while I am at home.

I look forward to your cooperation.

Due to childcare

I would like to request to work from home today. My son is not feeling well and I need to be at home to take care of him.

I have informed XYZ and have asked him to deal with all the walk-in clients today. In the meanwhile, I shall be handling and organizing the data at home. I will also be available any time by phone and email. Please let me know if I am required to attend any meeting on Zoom.

I will only be stepping out around 11 am for my son’s appointment with the doctor. I shall inform you as soon as I am back.

I shall be really grateful for your consideration.

Due to a family emergency

I will be unable to attend the office today due to a family emergency. Kindly allow me to work from home today. That way I will be able to deal with the issues at home.

In the meanwhile, I will also be working on the XYZ presentation and will coordinate with my team through Zoom and WhatsApp.

I shall appreciate your kind consideration.

Due to Covid Infection

I would like to inform you with regret that I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Although I have not developed any severe symptoms yet, I have to observe quarantine rules. My doctor has advised me to remain isolated for the next 10 days. I, therefore, request you to let me work from home during this time.

Since I am in isolation, I will be unable to physically attend any meetings. However, I will be available online during working hours. I will try my best to keep up with the work despite my absence from the office. For this purpose, I need the cooperation of my team members and colleagues. I must be kept updated about the proceedings at the office. I also request you make me a part of important discussions and meetings through video conferencing.

I look forward to your cooperation and support.             

Due to blocked roads

This is with reference to the email I received from our security department this morning. Owing to the current political unrest in the country, the roads have been blocked by protestors at various locations in the city. As a result, I will not be able to make it to the office today. Instead, I will be working from home.

The situation is expected to remain the same for the next couple of days. As advised by our security department, I will not be attending the office till things settle down. Let’s make the most of technology and stay connected online in order to avoid any delays in our office work.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Due to mother’s/father’s illness

I am writing to request permission for working from home for the next two days. I need to take care of my mother who has not been feeling well due to a stomach infection. Since there is no one else to look after her, I have to stay at home with her in order to take care of her medication and nutrition.

As I would be working from home, it would not be possible for me to visit the XYZ site tomorrow. I request you to delay the visit to Wednesday, 16th October. I shall be back in the office by then. In the meanwhile, I will stay connected with my team through phone, email, and video conferencing.

I shall be grateful to you for fulfilling my request.

Due to poor weather condition

Referring to the weather condition, I might not be able to make it to the office today. As you know, it has been raining continuously since last night and the roads have been inundated with water. The resulting traffic situation is really bad.

Usually, the commute from my house to the office takes around forty minutes. However, it is expected to take much longer today due to the road blockage. Instead of being stuck in traffic for a long time, it is better that I work from home and save time.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Request to work from home due to mother father illness

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