Letter Refusing to Accept Termination Letter

With due respect and utmost regard, it is stated that I have been an old and honest employee in the marketing department of DESOM Telecom since March 2000. I had been referred to this company by my previous employer who got bankrupt and had to eventually sell off his business.

Mr. Smith referred me to DESOM Telecom as he knew I have a sharp mind to grasp and apply the new marketing strategies and that was exactly what he told me before making me leave that job.

However, the time since I joined the company has always been a source of learning and growth for me, and not even once did I feel that the company is new or did not offer standardized facilities and services to the customers.

Things in my job were going smooth until one day the previous month the junior fresher started taking my instructions for granted and started disobeying me for no apparent reasons. He just snapped that day and we had a short, but heated-up argument over a pretty useless topic. In turn, I got furious at him as well as it isn’t really a safe thing to do.

Over this heated-up argumentation, people in the office started interfering in the scenario where they just added up the cherry on top. Hence, to keep this freshly graduated student on the job, there should be proper rules in written form so that the people abide by them without confusion.

I received your termination letter yesterday, claiming that you are making me leave this company and that you have provided a two-week notice. I’m issuing you this formal notification to inform you that I’ve declined to accept your termination.

You made me sign a service agreement when I joined this company, and according to that agreement, you cannot make me leave the company while making me work on order worth more than $500,000 that is currently on the go, and according to the project supervisor, it will take another month to complete this order.

I am hence, requesting you to reconsider the order of my termination at least till the time we complete the project as per the service agreement.


With deepest respect and regard, it is stated that I have been working in your media group for over 5 years now as an assistant editor in the publishing department of the weekly DSM newspaper. This group has given me my identity and worth as a person and I really enjoy my work here as I get to learn something new each day which adds up to my experience here.

Last Monday, I was working for the weekend print with my editor-in-chief, Mr. Shawn Black when he started picking out some random issues with my work. I understand that he has a workload and pressure to meet deadlines, but his anger management is getting worse with the passing day, and that too, only with me.

With all the other staff of the department, he seems to get along well. I came to know just a couple of days ago from a third person in the office that his main motto is to get me terminated from the post as his brother-in-law is a fresh graduate and he wants to hire him at my place.

Then yesterday only, I got your termination letter with a notice of 1 week without notifying me with any solid reason, hence I am aware that the editor-in-chief has made you reconsider my hiring and recruitment by telling you false stories of lack of creativity and passion in me.

Hence, I humbly request you to kindly reconsider my termination orders.

Also, if any fresh graduate is hired at my place with no prior experience, this might be a risky step to take, as, without experience, the newspaper content would be ruined. I hope you will look into this matter and will decide justly. Thanking you.

Letter Refusing to Accept Termination Letter

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