Job Acceptance Letters

A job acceptance letter is written when you receive a confirmation call for a job from an organization. In this letter, you thank the head of the organization for selecting you and considering you as a capable person for the position that you had applied for. You start the letter by saying thanks to the head and showing your happiness since you have received the confirmation call.

The sample templates covering all these points are given below with a download option.

[Short Format]


I am thrilled to accept the job offer for the post of XYZ at your prestigious company. Thank you for the opportunity. I am excited to get on board.

I shall be joining you on [date], as my notice period at my current job will take at least 2 weeks. In the meantime, kindly let me know if there is any paperwork or other onboarding formalities that I need to fulfill before officially joining your team.

I am confident that I will bring value to the organization with my skills and experience.  I look forward to working with my new colleagues, and I am eager to contribute to the growth and success of the company.

Thank you again for this opportunity.


It is with deep pleasure that I accept the offer for the job of (title) at XYZ Company. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. It would be an honor to work for your prestigious organization.

Please find attached the requested paperwork. Do let me know if there are any further requirements before I officially join the office. Your guidance regarding the next steps would be highly appreciated.

I am enthusiastic about joining your team. Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity.

[Detailed Format]


Subject: Job acceptance letter for [X]

Dear Manager,

I have received the employment letter from your company. With great enthusiasm, I am pleased to join your company as marketing manager. I have reviewed the detailed terms and conditions you sent with the offer letter. The training programs you offer to your employees help them excel in their career growth. I am looking forward to joining the company on [date] and am eager to design broad-spectrum marketing strategies to achieve the targets. Working with a dynamic company like yours will be a great honor for me. I am anticipating great team players to work with.

As outlined in the offer letter, I understand that my annual salary will be US$20,000, inclusive of all perks. I will be entitled to receive an additional 10% of my salary as a bonus if my team successfully achieves the sales target. Since my training program has been planned for the end of this month, I have started shipping my households. I have also submitted my resignation to my current organization to give myself ample time to relocate.

I have requested that the HR office send me the employment form, which is a pre-requisite. I will return it to your office as soon as possible. Moreover, if you send me the company’s literature, I will be able to develop a better understanding of my position and company.

I would like to thank you for the help you have provided me during the hiring process. I know you have considered me after reviewing a lot of applications. Thank you very much for showing your confidence in me. I will prove myself the right choice and work for the well-being of the company by utilizing my innovative ideas.

I am eager to work as soon as possible to reach my full potential. Thank you again for providing me with such a great opportunity. I am waiting for your invitation to join the orientation session. Moreover, you are requested to contact me at [contact number] if you have any questions.

I am anxiously looking forward to meeting my new colleagues.


Allan Joseph

Job acceptance letter


Subject: Job acceptance letter for [X]

Dear Manager,

I am pleased to inform you that I hereby accept the position of marketing manager in your company. I made this decision after reviewing the terms and conditions of this post, which have been described in the offer letter. It was a simple decision because of the perks and privileges that you offer.

Moreover, I was convinced to make such a decision because of the excellent career opportunities associated with your company. Although I have been working in the same position in the [XYZ] organization, working with a worthy organization like yours was my dream, which is coming true now.

I know that my starting salary would be US$35,000 per year, as discussed during my interview. It would be raised to US$50,000 after successful completion of a probationary period of three months. Moreover, I will also be entitled to 10% extra pay as a bonus if I successfully achieve the annual sales target. As agreed, I can avail of 15 annual leaves and health insurance for me and my family after the completion of six months of regular service.

As per your demand, I have submitted my resignation to my current employer. It has been accepted, and documentary proof is being sent along with this letter. I request that you confirm the orientation and joining date in advance to give me sufficient time to fulfill all the required formalities related to joining. Please let me know any other paperwork you want me to complete aside from medical formalities.

The goals and job description that you have mentioned in the offer letter match my qualifications and abilities. I will take this opportunity as a golden chance to prove my worth and play my role in achieving my desired goals. Since I am a business graduate, I am looking forward to applying the knowledge and skills that I have acquired during my previous job at [XYZ] organization. I have some innovative marketing strategies in mind. If these are implemented, our company would become top-ranked.

Once again, thank you very much for providing me with a great opportunity.


Allan Joseph

Job acceptance letter

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