Back to Work Messages after Holidays


Hello everyone, I am back in my office after a long holiday of 14-days. I understand there are matters to discuss from both ends. Please feel free to come to my office during work hours and we shall talk about the issues. Thank you for staying patient all this time.


Dear all, I am glad you guys cooperated with my team during my absence. Since I am back in action now, please schedule all the urgent appointments to highlight all the concerns I had been receiving emails about. I appreciate the perseverance you did during my holidays. Thank you!


The company is back on the track as I have returned to my office. Let’s explore all the new projects and prospects at the meeting tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s homework and feedback. See you all tomorrow, have a good day!


Hello all once again, I am back in my office from today which means anyone with anything to discuss is welcomed to join me. I reckon there were some difficulties in the previous days, and I would like to pay homage to everyone who stayed calm during this tough period. Only with obstacles and challenges, one grows. Let’s resume regular work now. Thank you!


Dear family, Mr. Markfield has resumed all the operations in his official capacity from today as he has rejoined his office. Should you have any questions or important matters to discuss, you can always schedule an appointment through me, his secretary. I am looking forward to seeing a positive reaction, thank you!


Dearest all, welcome back to work after a long holiday of 7-days. We hope you enjoyed this time thoroughly and refreshed yourselves to get back on track. Let’s continue where we left from.


Please accept this message as a formal welcome back note from the company to all of its prestigious employees. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and relieved all the stress you previously had. It’s time to resume all the operations and projects we left unfinished. Buckle your seat belts for a bumpy ride!


I truly hope you lived the moments of the holidays with your family and friends. From today, we are continuing with the roller coaster rides we were on before. The work has missed you plenty and the clients are waiting for their projects already. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get it started!


XYZ welcomes its team back after long, tiring holidays. Hopefully, you had a blast on Christmas with your loved ones. The time to focus back on work has finally arrived as we hope you are all fresh and eager to get started on your daily routine of slaying the challenges. Allow me to assist you if you need anything.


Hooray! Welcome back to work my dearest family! Let’s celebrate our reunion after a long weekend. We have missed you a lot. If you need anything, always remember that I am here to help.

Back to Work Messages after Holidays

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