Acknowledgment Message for Borrowing Money


Please take this message/letter as an acknowledgment between me and Mr. Steward, the lender, and he is willing to give me $45,000 for one year. We both unanimously agreed on the decision that till [mention date] the money will be credited to Mr. Jones. After the expiry of the contract, Mr. Steward will not have the right to demand interest. Within a year, the borrowed money will be given to Mr. Steward. The borrower will have to face severe consequences if he fails to return the amount on time. Attached with the message are the policies and regulations of the company.


This message/letter is to concede that on [mention date] Mr. Alexander borrowed $34,000 from Mr. James for six months. He is entitled to return the amount to the lender till [mention date]. He has taken this amount to construct the house and the borrowed amount is interest-free. If the borrower does not return the amount by [mention date], then strict action will be taken against him. So, to avoid any embarrassment, the borrower is requested to return the amount timely.


Please take this message/letter as an acknowledgment that Mr. Adam on [mention date] has taken 10,000 USD as a loan from ABC Bank. The amount will be credited to his account on [mention date] having reference number 4567. Failing to return the loan within the given period will result in a high penalty. This message has been written on Mr. Adam’s plea with no blameworthiness to ABC bank no matter what.


this is an acknowledgment message that Mr. Santa on [mention date] had submitted a loan request from our ABC branch. This is to let you know our accounts manager has sanctioned your loan request. It meets all the bank’s rules and policies. Within a week, the amount will be transferred to your account. You will be informed of further requirements only through email. The bank does not call its customers to share their banking details with anyone. You are liable to return the amount within two years. The breach of contract will result in legal action against you. If you need any assistance in this regard, then please visit our main branch.


This message is to bring to your notice the loan request of Mr. Steward through our ABC Branch located in Manchester. You are informed via this message that our main office has approved your application. You are asked to keep your reference number with you to avoid any complications in the future. Your application meets our basic criteria to apply for the loan and you will soon get all the details related to it.

We need some further verification and for this, you need to visit the bank tomorrow. You need to return the amount with 5% interest and this needs to return till [mention date]. You will be bankrupted in case you do not return the loan in due time.

Please do not provide your account details to anyone as this is sharp practice nowadays. I want you to collaborate with us and feel free to ask for any details regarding this. Thank you for trusting us.


This is an acknowledgment message/letter in response to your loan request of $20,000 that has been approved by our branch. Your customer ID is 000890 and you can be asked anytime to provide your reference number. You are requested to make a visit to our branch on [mention date] and bring all the related documents with you. It is a moment of great pleasure for us that you trust our organization. We will make you feel comfortable in the best possible way. You can visit our official website for further loan details.


I am writing this message as an acknowledgment that on [mention date], Mr. Smith has concurred to give me $10,000 for six months. I agree to the rules and regulations mentioned in the contract. There will be a 10% interest after six months if I do not return the amount during this period. I will receive the amount on [mention date] and will meet the bank’s deadline. Attached with the message is a copy of the signed contract that will serve as proof. Thank you.

Acknowledgment Message for Borrowing Money

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