Appreciation Messages from Boss to Project Manager


Dear John, today I am beyond happy to learn very positive feedback from our client company about the project I made you the lead of. I take immense pride in your performance and dedication to the company. Keep your spirits high!


You have given me yet another opportunity to be proud of my choice of making you a project manager. Your diligence and hard work have already proven that you are worth it. I look forward to more productive reviews of your work. Roll it dear!


Dear Amanda, with your supervision and leadership skills, our company is recognized as an international brand today. I am gratified and delighted for your efforts. Keep rocking the world!


I am writing this message with great enthusiasm and joy to express my sentiments of satisfaction with your performance. I have been keeping a track of your accomplishments and let me tell you how convinced I am of your expertise and skill set. Hopefully, you will keep working along with the same values and make the company proud again.


I would like to take this opportunity to not only reckon but truly appreciate your perseverance and commitment towards the company. Your loyalty and enthusiasm for the business is an asset for me.


Dear Max, thank you so much for being the best project manager our company needs. Your promising character and adherence to the company goals help lift all the employees’ spirits. I hope everyone learns from you and follows in your footsteps.


As a wise person once said, management is about doing things the right way and leadership is to do the right things. I believe you are a perfect blend of both because you have demonstrated flawless management skills and amazing leadership qualities. I am humbled to have an employee like you.


Only once in a while, an employer gets to have a team member who has fully embraced his responsibilities and invests all his energies in them. I am lucky to have you on board as my sidekick and wish it remains the same for the rest of your career at this company. I genuinely appreciate your efforts and loyalty to me.


I take great pride in admitting the fact that you are one of the most valuable assets of my company. I do not want you to go anywhere else besides my team. I am glad that I promoted you to project manager. You have demonstrated that you are worth it. Thanks for the hard work!


My words cannot express how much I admire the energy you invest in the projects you are assigned. With your knowledge and expertise, the company has made a significant profit. I truly appreciate your dedication and expect it to remain the same!


Dear Mike, seeing you working as a project manager in my official team makes me proud and delighted. I am indebted to your commitment and dedication to the company.

Appreciation Messages from Boss to Project Manager

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