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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of a babysitter at (name of the institute). From a very young age, I have always loved to care for the younger ones. As I grew older, I started helping my parents with my younger siblings. I also used to babysit for my little brother. Because I started caring for the babies from a young age it never became a tiring job for me. I always loved to be around babies and play with them. Their smiles would make my day.

I first did babysitting as a part-time job when I was 8. As time passed, I started to more and more like this job. This was not only fun to watch children but also it was relaxing. When I started college, I started my job as a camp counselor. I was responsible to watch over children as a part of my job. My boss was happy with my performance. I have a very jolly nature, and this helped me in getting along with children.

I used to create different games and encouraged children to participate and have fun. I also tried to give them a variety of options to choose from. This not only assisted me in keeping all the children out of danger but also helped me in getting close to them allowing them to share any type of issue they are facing. I always got a positive and encouraging feedback from those children and this helped me in getting a promotion.

I was never interested in studying so after finishing my studies in college, I choose to make babysitting as a career. This could not only give me a good deal of money for my expenses but also doing this job would bring internal satisfaction to me. At first, I started by putting a little investment in advertising in my own colony. I had a part-time job in 4 different houses on different days of the week. It took me a month to triple my client number. After two months of being a full-time babysitter, I had enough clients to support my family in addition to my own self.

Although I know things are a little different in (name of the institution). Here you are not supposed to go to the home of your client rather they leave their child at the institution. However, I am quite confident that my previous experience as a babysitter would come in handy and you would receive no complaints on my behalf.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for a babysitter

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