Cover Letter for a Dental Assistant

I am very pleased to see that your company (name of the company) is looking for a trustworthy and experienced dental assistant. I would like to apply for the position of a dental assistant. I am well aware of the eligibility criteria and I am happy to state here that I, with my educational background and wide experience of (no of years), am the perfect fit for this position.

I am a very hardworking individual. I like to give attention to little details. I am well aware of the modern techniques used in the dentistry department. I had been working as a dental assistant in (name of the company) for approximately (no of years). I had to shift with my family from (name of the state) to (name of the state) due to which I had to resign from the job. As you would know there are better facilities here in (name of the state or city) as compared to any other place so I made the decision to actually buy a house in (name of the state/city) and start to live here so my family can get access to better facilities.

Speaking of my previous work at (name of the company) I was responsible for several tasks. In addition to assisting the dentist in dental procedures, I was responsible for organizing the inventory list. I always used to keep track of items purchased and their expiry date. This habit of mine helped the company a lot with expenditures over time. I am an extrovert and thus, I have a very friendly nature and I am open to meeting new people.

I am also a very good listener and therefore, as being on the front line with patients I used to listen and note all their issues carefully. I used to relax some of the nervous and scared patients with compassion.

I am very dedicated to my work and I work by the rules and follow strong work ethics. For a dental assistant to progress, it is very necessary that he is determined and focused. I am happy to state that I have both the qualities therefore, I continuously strive to improve my behavior and the quality of my work. I pay special attention to customer satisfaction and this is the reason that I used to get very positive feedback from the costumers every time.

My seniors and other employees also appreciated me for my skills and abilities. I would love to share all my experiences and skills with the employees of your company. I have the experience of working both individually as well as in a team so I think I can perfectly adjust to the environment of your company. Furthermore, I would like to see for myself the duties a dental assistant needs to perform in your company.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of the dental assistant in your company (name of the company). For any further query feel free to contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover Letter for a Dental Assistant

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