Cover Letter for Copywriter

I am pleased to know that your corporation (name of the corporation) is looking for some fresh recruits for the position of Copywriter for their branch in (name of the place). I feel very excited to write this cover letter because I consider myself as the best fit for this position. I am not only well educated but I am also well experienced.

Although you are looking for any applicant to be having more than one year of experience, I am delighted to write here that I have more than (no of years) of experience in the field as a copywriter. It is my passion for writing and creating unique work for the reader that has pushed me through all these years. Even after all these years I still feel as energized as I was on the first day of my job. It is often said a step or procedure repeated and again makes you proof that work and I think it is the same case with me. I have been a copywriter for so many years and this has polished my skills to the extent that my work pleases everyone every single time.

I graduated from (name of the institute) on (date/year). I did my bachelor’s in (name of the subject). I have always been creative all my life. So, when I was in my bachelor’s, I joined the literary club of several societies.

I was responsible for writing eye-catching taglines and details of the event on the posters. These taglines would generate interest in more and more of the people who would see the poster. I also worked with the graphics team so that the content matched the visuals. I am an extrovert and thus I have a very friendly nature. This was the reason that I always performed very well in teamwork.

I was also liked for my excellent communication skills as I could make the graphic designer understand what exactly I was looking for on the poster and how it was going to affect the publicity of the event. After my graduation from (name of the university), I took admission in (name of the institute) for improving my writing skills further. I was always praised for my work by my mentors in the institute.

I also did part-time freelancing work to support my self during my stay at (name of the institute). I am pleased to inform you that all my clients liked my work a lot and still are in contact with me to this very day.

After the completion of my course, I started my job at (name of the corporation). It was a new phase in my life. I got to learn a lot of new things. My responsibilities at (name of the corporation) included the creation of persuasive white papers, writing blog posts and short headlines.

I was also responsible for writing the details of the product for the company’s website about their newly launched product to attract a greater number of costumers. I look forward to meeting you and your staff. I would love to know about the responsibilities that a copywriter has in your corporation.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for a copywriter

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