Affidavit Of Marital Status of Single Person

An affidavit tends to be a written statement that is sworn to by the particular affiant, i.e. the individual who is making the statement. An affidavit is required by some countries for certain things. This can be to show one’s married status, single status, inheritance, etc.

What is an Affidavit of Marital Status of Single Person?

An affidavit of marital status (of a single person) states that one is free to marry. It confirms that the person is unmarried.

If you need to create an affidavit of marital status then you can have a look at the below points:

  • Microsoft Word– Make this affidavit in Microsoft Word. This is because it is a professional document that should be made perfectly.
  • Heading– The affidavit needs a heading. For this one, it can be something like “Single Status Affidavit”.
  • The main document– Start off with “I,” then you will need to give your full name in the space provided. You will need to state the address of the place that you are staying at.
  • Declaration– You need to declare that you made the oath or affirmation in front of the undersigned notary public. The statements that you made need to be given. It is necessary to tell when you were born and where i.e. city and country. The person making the statement needs to state which country they are a citizen of. The passport number should be provided. Clearly, state that you are single and if you have never married before or if you are divorced and a widower. The date for this needs to be given and you need to tell that you have not gotten married after that date.
  • Signature- A signature of the affiant is needed to make the document authentic.
  • Date– You have to state the date.
  • Notary Public– The information of the notary public can be provided. This will include in which country and state they are, when the affirmation was made and by whom, i.e. printed name of the individual that is making the statement. Their ID can be stated. The signature of the notary public should be stated. The name of the notary, i.e. typed, stamped and printed should be present. The stamp seal is necessary.

The advantages of the affidavit of marital status (of a single person) are:

  • Is a legal document which states that a person is single
  • Can be used for applying for foreign visas, and other important things like accounts
  • Is proof of the marital status of a person and can be used if any issue comes up

If you need to make an affidavit of the marital status of a single person you can consider the above points. Make this affidavit carefully and fill it in without any mistakes. This is because it is a serious affidavit and should be handled as such.

Affidavit of Marital Status of Single Person

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