Cover Letter for the Position of Engineering Intern

I am pleased to write this letter for the position of Engineering Intern at (name of the company). (name of the company) is no doubt one of the best companies among all other companies that deal with infrastructures. I have always been a fan of the work of your company. I happened to visit one of your projects (name of the project) at (name of the place) as a part of my project in the second semester. I aspire to be one of the leading engineers in this country.

It is often said that if a person has a passion for something and he is fortunate enough to get the right skill there is no force in this world that can stop him from becoming a successful person one day. I have always dreamed of becoming a civil engineer. These huge infrastructures have always intrigued me and often in my dreams I have wished to construct a masterpiece that would not only mesmerize everyone but also it would be a lifesaver for many. This country has given me my name and my identity.

I want to play my part in the growth of my country. I have a passion for me and with your guidance, I can achieve my dream.

I always had a separate place in my heart for mathematics. From early school, I have been interested in mathematics. I would love to solve problems no matter how complicated they might seem to others. In my high school, a teacher of mine saw my passion for mathematics and she advised me to take part in the yearly held competitions among students representing different schools throughout the country. I still remember the day I won my first competition. I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t contain my happiness and decided that I would pursue my career in the subject I loved the most.

I was in my high school when (name of the infrastructure) was built by (name of the company) in (date/year). The lead Engineer (name of the engineer) before starting the construction of the (name of the infrastructure) claimed that this infrastructure would be the only one of its kind and would be considered as the symbol for this city later in the coming years. His words were proved to be true as in the later years the city became famous for its (name of the infrastructure). People from different other cities would come to see this remarkable piece of engineering.

I was very inspired by that building and started considering doing my bachelor’s in civil engineering. After the completion of my high school, I took admission in (name of the university) to fulfill my dream of becoming a top-class civil engineer. I am currently a Third-year student at (name of the university). I can safely say that I have completed all the courses that you have marked in your advertisement as being compulsory for any applicant applying for the position of Engineering intern.

Furthermore, my project in my second semester was related to one of the current projects of the company (name of the project) under the supervision of (name of the supervisor). Hence, it would be safe to say that I have prior knowledge and understanding of the project and therefore, I would learn the new terms and procedures quickly and efficiently.

My current GPA in the course work is (mention the GPA obtained). My professors are really satisfied with my performance. I am very responsible, and I have a very friendly nature. Therefore, I am not only capable of doing projects alone but also, I am very good at performing in a task that requires teamwork.

In the end I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Engineering intern at (name of the company). It would be an honor for me to work with the highly skilled and professional engineering team of your company. I am very eager to learn new skills and work in a professional environment. I look forward to meeting you and your team. For any further query please contact me on the contact details mentioned.

Cover letter for the position of engineering intern

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