Cover Letter for the Position of Legal Assistant

I am very pleased to apply for the position of Legal Assistant at (name of the company). To be able to work at your firm would be a dream come true for me. I have had a dream to become a legal assistant for a very long time now.

It all started with me sitting in an office waiting for my father. Right next to me sat a legal assistant of the firm. A person came to her with an issue that seemed to be impossible to be solved. She, however, looked through the files and came up with a solution. The person was surprised and thanked her for the support.

Although it might not seem to be a very important incident as most of the people do their jobs and help people. But this specific incident was special to me as most of the people have no knowledge about how the legal system works. I have seen people who apparently seem to have the knowledge of everything in the world but yet have zero knowledge about the legal system of their own country. By opting for being a legal assistant I would be helping such people in distress.

Your company (name of the company) is famous for taking the most challenging and complicated cases. I recently was reading about your company and the Head of the company (name of the person) mentioned that their company works on the motto of helping the people in need. He further stated in his interview in (name of the magazine) that his company gives priority to the people who either do not have enough money to pay to the law firms who have big names in the market or their case was rejected by those big names just because their case was complicated or difficult to win in the court. Although many companies while taking the cases make the reputation of the company their priority as losing a greater number of cases could potentially defame the company.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear someone say that their company makes its clients their priority. To be brutally honest this was the point that made me crave to work in your company.

When I saw the advertisement that your company was looking for a person for the position of Legal Assistant, I knew I had to apply. The advertisement on the official website of your company states that your company has asked every applicant to apply who has a degree in (name of the subject) and has an experience of (number of years) up his sleeve. I am proud to state here that I not only have the required educational background but also, I have a massive experience of (number of years) in my hand. This experience of mine has helped me in improving my skills and abilities.

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in (name of the subject) from (name of the university). My professors always praised me for my critical thinking. I completed my bachelor’s degree with a distinction in (name of the subject). After the completion of my bachelor’s, I took admission in (name of the university) for doing my postgraduate degree in (name of the subject). Throughout my educational career, I had always had a very positive attitude towards criticism. This has helped me a lot during the tenure of my job at (name of the company) as a Legal Assistant.

I started my job as a Legal Assistant in (name of the company) in (year). I have worked on approximately (number of cases) both single-handedly as well as in a team. I have experience of leading a team for the completion of a project as well as I have worked in a team under someone else’s leadership. Therefore, I know both how to give orders and how to take orders.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Legal Assistant at (name of the company). I would be honored to work with the employees of your company. I look forward to meeting you and your employees and sharing my past experiences with you. I am also eager to know more about the rules and regulations of the company and my responsibilities. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the applicant

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