Delivery Note Template

A delivery note is an important document that is attached to the product or package that is being shipped from the sender to the receiver. In the business world, it is also known as the delivery receipt. It is necessary to mention here that a shipment without a delivery note is impossible since it provides essential information about the items that are packed in the shipment.

Why do businesses use delivery receipts?

Whoever sends the parcel to someone always makes use of this note and pastes it on the shipment that is required to be delivered. They do it because they want the recipient to confirm that they have received the right product. In other words, it acts as a reference for the sender as well as for the receiver of the parcel.

When a recipient receives the parcel, he or she wants to make sure before making the payment that they have gotten what they ordered. Therefore, they read the note carefully. If the details given on the note match the details of the product they specified, they will accept it and pay the cash.

Even if the parcel has not been purchased and has come from a friend or family member, seeing the receipt will let them know about its accuracy. If the details are not accurate, the sender or the receiver can open a dispute with the courier company, as it is responsible for sending the information to the recipient’s doorstep.

What are the main details to be mentioned on the delivery note?

Most commonly, that information is mentioned, which is necessary for both parties and, in some cases, for the courier company. This note is prepared by the company that takes on the responsibility to send the parcel to the right address. It is like a form with several empty fields, and in some cases, the sender is asked to fill out the form. Here are some details to be displayed on the note:

Specifics of the sender

Details of the sender, including the name, phone number, and contact details, are mentioned. A receiver needs to know whether he has received something from the person he knows or not. If the shipment is not from a known person, he would not like to receive it or open it. So, there’s a chance that it will be returned and delivered to the right person.

Details of the recipient

The details of the person or buyer who is going to get the shipment are mentioned on the note. This is important information because, without it, the parcel will not be received. The address is also mentioned in the note.

Details of the parcel

Another important detail to be shown on the parcel is its own specifics. It includes what is inside it, what is the quantity of the product, in the case of a garment, what is the size and color, the total weight of the shipment, and much more. It entirely depends on the seller and the courier company how much they want to display on the parcel.

Details of the delivery

This information is added for recordkeeping purposes and also shows when the sender dispatched the shipment. It includes the date on which the item has been sent; sometimes the tie is also mentioned, the mode of delivery, source and destination details, and much more.

Payment details:

In the case of online shopping, payment information is also mentioned on the note. It tells how much the buyer is supposed to pay as well as the total cost of the shipment added to the total bill. It also mentioned the amount of tax that has been added to the total bill. The mode of payment is also specified, as some people pay via cash while others use their debit or credit cards.

Additional information:

Additional information includes the note from the sender that was basically from the recipient but had to be mentioned by the seller. It may also include the time at which the delivery should be done, or in some cases, the recipient seller adds additional comments to make it easy for the courier company to reach the right address.

Delivery note template

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