Job Order Templates

A job order is a document in which a list of jobs that are being ordered is mentioned. This document is used for a project that consists of a number of activities to be performed. When these jobs are required to be performed by people with different expertise, a job order is prepared.

How does a job order work?

People who want other people to complete their projects use the job order. This is a document that outlines the details of a particular project that needs to be executed. Whenever a person needs a particular project to be completed, he is asked by the service provider to prepare a document, which is known as a job order.

It is a structured document that includes the list of things to be done in a proper sequence so that the entire project team can work on it and complete it as per the instructions of the client. The job order document includes all the specifications of a project, which is important for the project team to know.

Who uses the task order document?

Almost all industries use the task order document to start and track the assignments for the project team. There can be one or more jobs in the job order document that need to be performed. It depends on the nature of the work and how many instructions are needed by the client. Some clients don’t like to be instructed much, and they rely on expert service providers. In such a situation, the task order document is simple and contains very complex details that are important to convey.

How essential is it to use the document?

Telling people how to perform a job is very critical, and if instructions are not communicated clearly, it leads to dissatisfaction with the client. It also results in a waste of time. Therefore, a document is created that communicates everything effectively. It is also kept as a record of the order placed so that the service provider can use it to defend himself if it turns out that the problem was not solved appropriately.

What are the main elements of the job order template?

The template includes the following parts:

Title of the job:

Every job has a unique title with which it is addressed. The title is used to recognize a job, and therefore, it is mentioned at the top of the document.


Under the name of the job, the description is given. The description tells the objective of the task to be performed, the time frame in which it needs to be completed, and the scope of the work.

Information about the person placing the order:

If there are different stakeholders in a company, it is critical to specify who places a specific order. The name of the requester or stakeholder who has placed the order should be mentioned, as sometimes we want to hold accountable people who place orders, and therefore, they should be identified.

Specifics of the job:

Sometimes, the information about the tools, equipment, software to be used, material, etc. is also specified. This is usually important when those working on a particular task have multiple options to go with. Here, is the information about the compliance the project team needs to show with its work. 

Information about the timeline:

If there are multiple deliverables of the project, those placed in the order must give the timeline in which it is shown when to submit a deliverable of the project. This way, it becomes easy for the service providers to determine the sequence in which they need to submit the project’s tasks and subtasks. In addition, they come to know about the deadline also. 


Those people who have a limited budget often want the service provider to not exceed the budget constraints. They mention the cost estimates by mentioning the cost of various things, such as labor costs, material costs, etc.

Those who want to create a job order but don’t want to think about how to do it should use the template, as it is the best way to do things in a timely fashion. When they rely on the template, they don’t even need to bother with minute details, as the template is aimed at making the order perfect.

Job Order form template

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