Every company in the world wants to have qualified and experienced staff to work with. And before recruiting any of their staff members they take a detailed interview of the employee whosoever, applies for the job. In employee inquiry form the first and foremost thing is the communication between the employee and head of the company. Why is communication given so much importance? As it can be called as the soul of the company because in communication head of the company and employers come to know that their desires and their required work are being fulfilled. Most of the time there are some basic needs of the employees and the company fails to know those needs of the employees and unconsciously the company recruits additional staff and then the quarrel exceeds at its peak. This is the reason that every company has employee inquiry form in order to keep check and balance of the company and maintain the communication between staff and the executives. If it is so, then the company runs speedily and exceeds its demands and goes to its peak.

The inquiry form contains the detailed information of the employee as the company does not fear from its employees and it tries to have friendly behavior with them. This is done just because of the reason of confusion between company and employee. And the inquiry form details all the confusions with its detailed information about the employees.

There are few essential things required in employee inquiry form. It contains the name of the employee and their identity card number or their given ID number. It has employee’s email address with which they can be approached easily. It also contains telephone number as they can be contacted easily. Furthermore, this form carries the designation of the employee having an inquiry and all his documentations which support employee inquiry and the employee is asked to attach all his documents with the form. The form highlights salary details along with loan information that has been taken by the employee.


When the employ inquiry form is completely filled with its due information then it is sent to human resources department of the company to precede the process of inquiry. The HR department precedes the process in order to meet the employee’s needs.


Employee inquiry form


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