Grievance Letter to Boss for Insulting Employees

Every employee working in an organization survives within the atmosphere of the working place by maintaining standards and abiding by the rules of the workplace. As it is important for employees to strive for the betterment of the organization so comes certain responsibilities over the employer’s shoulder as well.

If an employee disrupts the working environment of the company, then he not only has to accept his responsibility but also apologize for the same but if it is your boss who is at mistake then things turn out to be terrible. As you cannot directly say anything to your boss but there are certain variabilities which can be worked on.

If for instance, it is your immediate manager who is dealing with everyone in a wrong way by adopting an attitude of ignorance then the same can be reported to your boss. Now here it is important to make clear that if your manager is at fault for the first time then it does not become a necessity to complain against him but if it becomes a persistent habit then it calls for a complaint. This complaint is written down in a letter known as the Grievance letter.

You open the letter by mentioning the events where your manager has behaved in an unethical manner and defining the consequences of the same. You as an employee should show concern in your writing for the organization regarding your manager’s behavior. You should request your boss to investigate the matter before things get worse.

Sample letter


Mr. Green,


Mr. Henry.

Dated: 7th January, 20XX

Respected sir,

It is to bring to your attention that our new department head Mr. James has been behaving indecently for the past few weeks. He has made a habit of insulting all the employees on a single acute reason for getting work completed faster. He had a few days back insulted Mrs. Marry so badly in front of the visitors that she could not hold her tears back. And now he has overburdened all of us with a lot of work due to which he keeps on insulting us by taking names on our faces. It is something which is damaging our work performance.

I had earlier reported the matter to our manager, but nothing was done and now matters have become worse as Mr. James upon arrival at the office started calling out names of employees, and then he shouts and insults each one of them in front of all employees. I do not understand that what has gone wrong and I am deeply concerned for all my fellow employees as next week a big event is coming our way and such behaviors would certainly lower our performance.

You are my last hope. I request you to please invade in the matter and bring out a solution to it. I will be grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Henry.

Grievance Letter to Boss for Insulting Employees

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