Hair Salon Booth Rental Agreement

A hair salon booth rental agreement presents all the conditions of renting a booth at an established hair salon. It provides great opportunities for stylists to rent a booth at a well-known salon and start earning by paying monthly rent. Rent is decided regardless of the number of customers or services the renter provides to their customers. It allows the renter to be their own boss and set their own time as long as they have arranged rent, they do not need to worry about anything.

A template of the hair salon booth rental agreement is provided below,

Agreement Template

This agreement is drafted in front of [XYZ] and is agreed/signed by the following two parties:


Name: Erica Dane
Address: 23 Hyper Market. London, England.
Contact: 345 244-8292


Name: Jessica Roberts
Address: 59 Drum Street. London, England.
Contact: 346 664-9494

Terms & conditions

The following terms are conditions that are formal and legal parts of the agreement and hence must be read and signed by both parties.

  1. This agreement shall commence from [DATE] and should be followed legally.
  2. Renter shall choose their booth location within the salon without the interference of staff or host.
  3. The renter shall pay a security deposit of $2500/- to the host for renting.
  4. Rent shall be paid on monthly basis and within a week of every month.
  5. Rent shall be decided by the renter and host after mutual understanding.
  6. Renter shall locate their own clients and they shall not engage with the host’s client.
  7. Renters shall provide any services they want regardless of the services provided by the host.
  8. The renter shall arrange their own equipment, colors, dyes, and other material as they would not be provided by a host.
  9. The renter shall maintain a state of peace and calm while working to maintain the decorum of the space.
  10. The renter shall not engage in any dispute or fight either with the host or other staff of the salon.
  11. The renter shall respect the religious and cultural views of the host and staff.
  12. The renter shall not practice anything that does not fit right with the host.
  13. Host shall take serious action against the renter if they observe anything suspicious or out of order.
  14. The renter shall not engage in any inappropriate or illegal activity while working at the salon.
  15. The renter shall be responsible for managing their own time, clients, accounts, and other responsibilities.
  16. The renter shall provide any services regardless of the services provided by the host.
  17. Renter shall choose their own time and prices of services.
  18. The host shall not interfere in any matter pertaining to the customers and their appearances.
  19. Renter shall employ their own marketing strategies to lure clients as host strategies cannot be used.
  20. The renter shall pay taxes and other expenses of the booth according to the share.
  21. Legal counsels shall oversee the entire process of the agreement to make sure that both parties are aware of their rights.
  22. Witnesses shall sign the agreement to assist in providing a smooth process.

Host: Eric Dane



Hair salon booth rental agreement template

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