Outstanding School Fee Messages


This is to state that Eden is a grade 6th student in our school. His fee for November and December is outstanding and you need to pay them as soon as possible. You are requested to submit the fee by [mention date] as it is badly affecting your son’s studies. His final exams are starting in the 2nd week of February and failing to submit dues will result in expelling from the school. You can go through our installment policy if it is feasible for you. I need a prompt response from you and I hope you will take the matter seriously.


This message serves as a reminder of your daughter’s three-month outstanding fee for October, November, and December. You had asked us to provide you with details about our installment policy but I did not get any response from you. This message is a warning to you to pay the dues by [mention date], otherwise, we will expel your daughter.

We cannot accept any obstruction in this regard. To keep your daughter’s future secure, you need to submit the dues by [mention date]. We are still offering you our installment plan and you can get the details from the admin office.


This is to bring to your notice the due fees of George. On [mention date], his final exams are starting and to sit in the examination it is mandatory to clear all the dues. He will not be allowed to appear in exams in case you do not pay the fees. We circulate a message to parents before the commencement of the exam. The outstanding fee of George is $500 and you can submit the dues in any of the branches of ABC Bank. You can collect the vouchers from the accounts office during weekdays. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.


Dear parents, we are indebted to you for getting your daughter to admit in our prestigious institute. She has performed so far excellently in her studies and earned good grades. Due to her intelligence and hardworking nature, she is loved by all her teachers. With this message, I want to draw your attention to your daughter’s outstanding fee of four months.

To circumvent any disruption, it is my humble request to deposit the due fee as early as possible. We know that ups and downs are part of life and therefore we did not warn you before. I am offering our installments policy and it will be convenient for you to deposit the amount. Attached with the letter is a fee slip and we wish you a good future for your daughter. Thank you for taking the time to read the message.

Outstanding school fee message -letter


This message serves to bring to your notice that Alex is a grade 10th student in our school and his three months fee is due. The total due amount is $800 and it is my humble plea to please deposit the fee till [mention date]. Hence your child will be able to carry on his studies in a smooth manner without any disruption. If you cannot deposit the full amount then please visit our admin office tomorrow and get our installment policy details. I request you to take immediate attention to the matter. Thank you for your cooperation.


This message/letter is to draw your attention to the payment of your daughter’s school fees. Before the school administration takes strict action against the matter, you are requested to please submit it before [mention date]. Do not ignore the message and take the warning seriously. Your collaboration will be highly appreciated in this matter. The fee slip for September and October is enclosed with the letter for your convenience.


Please be informed that $10,000 is due from your side to pay the school fees of your son. This is my humble request to make the payment as early as you can so may he be allowed to give the exams. He is a brilliant student and we do not want to disrupt his studies due to this. We also offer a partial payment plan and we will provide you with detailed information on it. You can visit the school in this regard on weekdays. Please take this message seriously and do something in this regard. Thank you.

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