Letter for Additional Compensation for a Job Well Done

Letter -1

Greetings everyone! This circular is being published for two important reasons. First of all, the company (Name of the company) would like to congratulate all the employees on the completion of (name of the project). We as a company have yet again proved that when a task is done with all the dedication and effort it can be accomplished no matter the difficulties in the way. It was a daunting task to complete the project before the deadline ends but despite the hardships and the initial problems Mr. (name of the employee) worked relentlessly to finish the responsibility he had taken willingly which deserves appreciation.

Therefore, Mr. (Name of the employee) deserves a round of applause from every member of this company. The Company (name of the company) also thinks that Mr. (name of the employee) should be rewarded for his efforts by the company itself to make it an example for all other employees.

Hence, the Chairman of the company Mr. (name of the chairman) has approved to introduce a culture of rewarding our employees on their exceptional performances to create a better positive work environment. He has graciously permitted for an additional allowance for Mr. (Name of the employee) this month.

Moreover, the official announcement of rewarding the employees on their extraordinary work would be made within this month by the Chairman (Name of the chairman) himself. Further details would be made available soon on the company’s website (Link to the website).

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Letter -2

Hope you all are doing very well. I would like to congratulate you on the recent achievements of the company specifically (name of accomplishment), (Name of accomplishment) and (name of accomplishment). All 3 of these projects were under the supervision of Mr. (name of the employee). It would not be wrong to state that all these projects were extremely difficult to execute but (name of accomplishment) was specifically a challenge because of the short deadline.

All these projects have resulted in a tremendous amount of increase in the revenue for the company (name of the company). Therefore, the company has decided to extend the gratitude and offer not only an increase in bonus this month but also give Mr. (name of the employee) a week off to rest and enjoy with his family.

Moreover, the company also remembers all the team members who participated in completing the projects on time. This is an official announcement for granting all the team members an extra bonus this month. This bonus reflects the importance of teamwork and how people with different capabilities and intellect when work in harmony, can achieve anything they desire. We hope that you feel rewarded and recognized.

The company (name of the company) wishes everyone else good luck for their projects and would wait for more of the exceptional performance from the other employees of the company. Keep in mind the company is very gracious when it comes to rewarding outstanding efforts and outcomes. Thank you for your time.

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