Letter to Apply for Land


Re. Request for Land Allocation

Dear [NAME], I am [NAME OF THE APPLICANT] and have been serving in the [DEPARTMENT] since 20XX. During my service period, I have not been allotted any land as the other employees of the same cadre have been facilitated with land allocation for the residence or agricultural purposes.

I am not granted any substitute payment or any other benefit in the substitute of the land. I have written to the Land & Agriculture Department of [AREA] as well but I have been asked to seek your permission and a NOC for the land allocation. Moreover, I need a certificate of my employment along with all the required details like my service duration, cadre, and other grading credentials.

Sir, I am not bearing any other benefits in this grade of my job as I have always been promised the benefits that are granted to federal employees. However, my salary includes residence allowance as well but no land allocation according to the Employee Land Acquisition Act of 1980 of the state.

Having all this said, I request you to approve my land acquisition request letter. I have enclosed all the required documents necessary for land acquisition. I thank you in anticipation for accepting my request letter and approval. Thank you.


[DATE: dd-mm-yyyy]

Letter to apply for land



Dear [NAME],

My name is [FULL NAME OF THE APPLICANT] and I belong to [AREA/CITY/STATE]. I have been working as an [DESIGNATION] at [COMPANY NAME]. I have been living in the mentioned house as a tenet since 20XX. Every year, the landlord increments the rent by [PERCENTAGE] whereas my job is not much vibrant in the sense of increments and annual bonuses. I have a humble job with a $[X] salary. It is not enough for paying the increasing financial demands of the time.

Therefore, I have decided to start my own business in the [AREA]. I plan to build a gym and a German cafeteria in the basement there. I have decided to purchase the land at [SPECIFY LOCATION]. I anticipate that the location would be great to start afresh and new business of gymnasium and a cafeteria. Whereas I have been asked to take approval from you for the land purchase.

Sir, the land is of utmost importance to me. I request you to approve this request and order the relief for land purchase. I humbly request you to accept this letter for land acquisition. I shall be grateful to you for this. I have also enclosed all the required documents for your convenience. I have enclosed the IRS copy of GFRL and the registration details in the letter. Moreover, my personal profile and working details have been enclosed as well. For any further, I am available to meet you in person or you can contact me at [EMAIL] or dial [PHONE]. Thanks.



Letter to apply for land

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