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Weekly Homework Schedule

weekly homework scheduleHomework is the most hectic word in the life of a student. Almost every student hates the word and the action behind it. The workload is given by the teachers! Almost no one cares to do that. This results in the decrease of grades. For this purpose, weekly homework schedule works the best. A weekly homework schedule helps the students in all ways. They can easily maintain balance in between their practical life and homework.

They can also manage to make time for extracurricular activities. These schedules are mandatory for every student studying in schools, colleges or university. Making a weekly schedule is not hectic, all you have to do it write down the start and end time for each subject you want to study and follow it!




Weekly Class Schedule

weekly class scheduleImagine you are a rookie teacher and entering the class unprepared! How would you feel? In fact, how would the class feel? Can you really carry that feeling? No one can. To get away from this feeling, the weekly class schedule has helped the teachers in many ways. These class schedules help the teachers manage their work in no time. Having a class schedule also benefits them in their personal life. They can make balance in their personal life and teaching life. This class schedule can also be delivered to the students as a handy document. Moreover, it also helps the students to manage their weekly plan for the study. Hence, a weekly class schedule in a class is mandatory.



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Thesis Format Sample

thesis format sampleA thesis is a statement that is put forward as an assertion for the approval. Formatting a thesis is hectic unless you take help from someone. Below written is the best professional format of a thesis;

  1. First of all comes the title page, which includes all the information like;
  • The title of the document
  • Name of an individual
  • Degree name
  • Graduation year
  • Authorized programs for the degree
  1. Secondly comes the copyright page, which includes your name as written on the title page.
  2. The abstract comes in the last part, which includes university name, your name, thesis title, and academic title.
  3. Make sure of the proper use of language. The documents must be written in English.

Following the above-given information can help you prepare a professional thesis.


Student Weekly Planning Calendar

student weekly planning calendarPlans are a part of life. Nothing can be done wisely without the plans. So, it is necessary for every individual to make a weekly plan to run the week smoothly. This same action applies to the students. The student weekly planning calendar is mandatory for the students. This calendar benefits greatly in a variety, in managing the work. With a weekly planning calendar, the students can easily manage their tasks, including the studies and extracurricular activities. Even if you have to go out on vacations for a few days, this calendar can be proved the best for you. A student activity planning calendar provides the students the opportunity to learn, how they can maintain balance in daily life activities and the studies.



Student Travel Permission Form

student travel permission formA permission form helps the students to be allowed for the school events. A student travel permission form helps the students to travel with the school trips. It is a handy document granted to the students, to take the permission from their parents, for the school trips. This letter represents that, the parents hold the total responsibility of their child. Although it is the responsibility of the school authority, but it is mandatory to ask from the parents. Below written are few things that are involved in a student travel permission letter.

  • Guardian name.
  • Student name.
  • Time of travel.
  • Some school policies.
  • Guardian signature
  • Emergency contact number.
  • Sponsor signature.
  • School administration signature.
  • Some necessary medical information for the sponsor of the trip.


Student of the Month Certificate

student of the month certificateEvery student in the school strives for the student of the month certificate. A certificate is a handy document granted to the students on their perfect results in all manners including the behavior and exam grading. The student of the month certificate is highly weighted certificate among the documents in the school premises, as it truly defines the student’s hard work to achieve it. These awards are mostly distributed at the events organized by the school authority to pay a gratitude to the students winning the award. The certificate is a printed handy document that helps to encourage the students to make more efforts in the future. The best part of this printed certificate is you can frame it and place it in a proper place in your home. These certificates can also be kept for years, if stored safely.


Student Identification Card

student identity cardIdentification in an organization plays an important role in the security of the organization. Same goes for the schools! The student identification is mandatory now-a-days, due to security reasons. For that purpose, the students are granted the student identification cards, which defines their place in the school. The student identification cards officially identify that the student is studying in this school etc. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits of having a student ID card. If the school is organizing a festival and it has no pass facility, but the identification card, and if the student will have the card, he will be allowed to enter the festival and the rest will remain outside.

The student identification card consists of the following information;

  • A picture of the owner.
  • Student I.D.
  • Student Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Guardian name.
  • Contact number or email address.
  • Last but not the least, signatures of organizational authority.


Student Hall Pass Log

student hall pass logThe student hall pass log is a system that helps a teacher to manage his class more effectively. This pass log is being used in all the schools by the teachers to present a brighter picture of each class in a school. This pass log grants the students an excess to reach out other things like the washroom etc. It helps the teacher to examine when the student is coming into the class. It also helps the teacher know the reasons behind getting absent during the lecture. This student hall pass log contains the following information inside;

  • Teacher’s name.
  • Week ending.
  • A date block with student names and class number.
  • An area of making notes about the place, where the students are going.
  • The time period they spent outside the class.

This type of log is very effective to maintain the best-known discipline in the class.


Student Grade Tracker and GPA Calculator

student grade tracker and gpa calculatorGrade tracker and GPA calculator have always been used in the schools, colleges and universities for many years and now! This calculator and tracker, helps the students to find out their place and rank in the class. It is a fact that the students have always been in a competition to win more grades than others. For that purpose, all they do is work hard. This GPA calculator and grade tracker help them to find out what grades they have got in the exams. The calculator comprises of the subject name and credit hours studied. The calculation and result totally depend upon these two things. Whereas, the grade tracker tells us, what grades we have received. You cane easily calculate your grades online on the internet just by filling some important information like the subject name and credit hours studied.



Student Good News Report

student good news reportA student always knows the best way to write the good news report after they hear them. The teachers in the class should ask the students to work as a team to define the characteristics of a good news report. Moreover, the student’s ideas should be recorded. There a few important points that needs to be kept in mind, while making a news report.

  • Be attentive whole making headlines.
  • Use of quotations.
  • Real facts, including the truth based stories.
  • Strong summary.
  • A proper arrangement of the report.
  • Timing
  • Proximity
  • Human interest.

The combination of all these factors makes a perfectly good news report, everyone wants to read. You can easily find the report templates on the internet on a variety of web links.


Student Disciplinary Action Form

student disciplinary action formThe student disciplinary action forms are some sort of official documents that are signed by the school discipline committee. Which takes all the responsibility of maintaining the discipline in the school. The main purpose of this form is to note down the illegal or unethical activities of the students and to inform them to their parents. This document briefly describes all the misleading activities of a student which are completely illegal in the school premises. All these things make the student disciplinary action form as the most weighted document of all.

This action form is only used when a student has been involved in some sort of serious violations, which cannot be ignored by the school discipline authority.  Thus, it is the duty of every school to have a student disciplinary action form to have a perfect control on the violations in the school.


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