Visitors Log Template

These days, a visitor log is used to monitor and keep track of all the visitors to an organization. This log is maintained regularly, and the purpose is always to ensure that several measures are being taken to keep the premises of a building safe.

What is a visitor log?

It is a record sheet that is used to keep track of each and every visitor to a company. Usually, whenever a person enters the building, an entry is made in the log. This entry normally records the basic details of the visitor. It is important to note that not every person is allowed to enter the building. Those who are given permission make the entry.

What are the reasons to use the visitor record book?

Organizations use this record book because:

They want added security:

There are plenty of steps that are taken in order to make an organization secure, including the use of CCTV cameras, the appointment of security personnel, etc. The use of a logbook that can keep a record of every person who is coming and leaving the office is an additional step that makes an organization secure to a large extent. When people know that they have to fill in the log, they have to stop at the entrance. Here, the security guards can learn if there is someone who has suspicious behavior.

It prepares everyone in the company for emergencies

There can be any kind of emergency in the company, such as a fire breakout or any other problem. It is very easy to keep everyone safe and protected when there is a logbook of visitors because it tells people how many people are in the building, and this way, the rescuers can make sure that no one is lost and everyone is rescued.

It helps in tracing people

This record sheet keeps the information of every person visiting the company safe in its database. Usually, it asks people to provide their contact details at the entrance. So, if a company wants to contact any visitor but his details have not been taken, the record sheet can help it trace the contact number and reach out to that person.

What details are mentioned in the visitors’ recording document?

The fields in the record sheet ensure how effective it is going to be. Most commonly, you can find the details in the logbook, which are given below:

A header section:

There is a header section in this logbook that is used to include the details of the company, such as the name of the company, the logo, and also the title of the document. People who feel insecure at the entrance when they are asked to give their details, such as a phone number, feel secure and comfortable when they read the title and come to know that they are providing the information for the safety of everyone in the organization. In addition, they don’t resist when they have to provide any details.

Name of the person:

This section of the record sheet is used to keep track of the information about the person who is coming to visit the company.

Contact details:

There is another section in the recording document in which the person is asked to provide his contact details, such as a phone number or email address.

Purpose of visiting:

The reason behind the visit of every person is also recorded in this sheet. Some record sheets provide options with multiple reasons, and the visitor is required to choose one of them. It makes sure that relevant people are given access to the premises of the company.


The date on which people are coming to the office is most important, as it helps people organize the record according to the date of every person.


The time at which the visitor entered the company as well as the time at which he or she left is another important section. It tells how much time a person has spent in the company, and those who have entered have also left.


People are required to give their signatures at the end to authenticate that the information they are providing is correct and belongs to them.

Visitors log template

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