Teacher Help Templates

substitute teacher instruction form

Teacher’s Weekly Lesson Planner A teacher’s weekly lesson planner helps the teacher to make plans for the upcoming week. It also helps a teacher to maintain a balance in his personal life with the teaching life. Lesson planner has always helped the teachers in many ways. There’s no need to make it a professional. You can also make it rough as long as you understand it. Moreover, a lesson planner also helps the teacher to get set for the upcoming lessons. He also gets the chance to prepare for the…

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Grade Books

Teacher grade book based on percentages

Grade Books A grade book is an electronic tool or a grade book can also be a piece of a paper that allows the teacher to cope with the grades of the students, a grade book allows the teacher to enter several grading rubrics using different performance criteria like the aggregation formula. It is actually an online record of the teacher in which they can have all the information about the lessons, grades, and assignments of the students. Grade books have all the records of the individual’s attendance, medical records,…

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