Workplace Absence Excuse Letter

Why should I write a workplace absence excuse letter?

If you have recently missed work or are planning to take a leave in the future, you should always write to your boss and inform him about it. You should mention the duration of the leave and the reasons for which you have missed work.

Whether required or not, writing a letter for workplace absence is a good idea because it shows that you take your work seriously. Moreover, it will help maintain a record of your work leaves in case any discrepancy arises in the future.

If you are planning on taking leave just for one day then a brief letter of absence excuse will work. In case you are planning to take a leave for a week or so, you need to write a detailed letter specifying your reasons. You can also attach your medical reports with the letter if the leave was for medical reasons or any court documents if the absence is due to jury duty.

Moreover, if your company allows you to take paid sick leaves, you can fill out the sick leave form beforehand and attach it with your letter and medical reports, so your salary is not deducted because of the leave.

What should be included in an absence excuse letter?

The most important thing to remember while writing an absence excuse letter is to write things that fit your precise circumstances. Avoid fabricating reasons for the leave. Be truthful and state the exact reasons for your missing work. Avoid copy-pasting anything generic from the internet as it would seem as if you’re uninterested and unprofessional. If your company has a specific format for such letters, please follow that.

The following points should be considered while writing an absence excuse letter:

  1. Mention specific dates on which you won’t be available and the exact date from which you will join back.
  2. You can attach any documents with your letter which will provide proof of your leave for example medical reports, court documents etc. This step is optional and subject to the document availability.
  3. You should offer to compensate for the missed work through over time later or in any other way which you think is possible. You can recommend having an employee fill in your place which can be compensated by you filling his place sometime later.
  4. You can provide an alternate contact number or email through which you can be contacted in case of emergency.
  5. Be respectful about the leave and don’t abuse it. Don’t take unnecessary days off work and do not extend the leave beyond what is needed.

Sample Letter

To Mr. Simon Green.

Senior Manager HR
Lockwood East Company

28th August 20XX

Subject: Workplace Absence Excuse Letter

Dear Mr. Green

I am writing to inform you about the leave I wish to take for a few days subject to poor health. I will be unavailable for work from 1st September 20XX till 10th September 20XX. Moreover, I won’t be available for remote work either as the doctor has recommended limit my screen time to less than an hour a day. I will re-join the office from 11th September 20XX.

I have spoken to my co-worker Karen, and she is willing to take over my work in my absence. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and I am willing to compensate for any missed work later. I have attached my medical documents and doctor’s note with this letter stating my health condition.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with to arrange for work during my absence. I would be glad to help in any way possible. You can contact me at +[X] in case of an emergency.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Julie Anne


Workplace absence excuse letter

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