Leave Application for Home Quarantine


Re. Leave Application for Home Quarantine

Dear [NAME], this letter has been written to request fourteen days’ leave from work as I have tested positive for COVID-19, the Omicron variant. After the confirmation, CDC has recommended self-quarantine at home and not mixing up with the people around me.

Moreover, I have been recommended to take complete rest for ten days or till the symptoms of recover. Due to the quarantine and sickness with COVID-19, I cannot come to the office for fifteen days.

On [DATE], I had mild symptoms of COVID-19 including body aches, flu, and mild fever. Firstly, it was thought to be a common cold but later, with the loss of smell and taste, my physician suggested I go through a thorough chest examination, PCR, and Covid testing. Unfortunately, I tested positive for Covid-19, the SARS-Cov variant.

As I have been tested positive, I am self-quarantined at my home. Due to the sickness, I am unable to take up work from home as I am having body aches and fever.

My medical consultant has also recommended taking complete rest and getting two weeks off from work for a few days.

I will start working from home after getting recovery signs or loss of covid symptoms. Please approve my leave for fifteen days. I have attached my medical certificate and an examination report by [NAME THE LAB]. Please ask me if there are any queries. Respond to my letter at your earliest. Thank you.


Leave Application for Home Quarantine


Re. Medical Leave from Work due to COVID-19 and Home Quarantine

Dear Sir,

This letter intends to request a fifteen days’ medical leave because of Covid-19 and home quarantine. I have been tested positive for the SARS-Cov variant of Covid-19; therefore, I have been quarantined at my home for fourteen days by the Communicative Disease Control (CDC), California. I am unable to work from home as well due to sickness and body aches.

I tested positive on [DATE] and hence, it is expected that it will take fourteen days to recover from the disease. Some of the Covid consultants suspect that the new variant can be longer than the previous ones, therefore, fourteen days’ quarantine has been called tentative.

On the account of this, I shall remain on leave from [DATE] to [DATE]. I plan to give my charge to Mr. [NAME] during this course of time. Please approve this shift of the charge if possible.

I have attached all the relevant details that are required for the approval of the leave. In case of any further details, I am reachable at [PHONE]. Please call me at the given number if there are any queries related to my work. I shall try my best to contribute remotely if possible.

Please refer to the letter of my physician and pulmonologist as a reference letter. I also request you to direct for the immediate release of the emergency medical allowance (EMA). I shall be highly grateful to you. Thank you.


Leave Application for Home Quarantine

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