Business Event Announcement Brochure

business event announcement brochure

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT & BROCHURES Various business events are often arranged all year round. Some are for official purposes while others are organized for the entertainment of employees. All such events need to be announced properly. One way is to send emails to all the employees. However, an even better way is to use business event announcement brochures. In this way, it is ensured that the message reaches the entire vicinity. In addition, detailed information can be provided about the event through a brochure. It can also be economical since one…

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Graph and Handwriting Practice Paper

graph paper

GRAPH PAPERS The paper with horizontal and vertical lines creating a grid is used for many purposes and the main is to show the increase or decrease in rate. The papers are available in loose form as well as in a book form; it depends on the requirement of the person that he/she needs a book or a single paper because students usually need a book. There are many types of graph papers and one can buy it depending on the purpose for which he/she requires it and for which…

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Grade Books

Teacher grade book based on percentages

Grade Books A grade book is an electronic tool or a grade book can also be a piece of a paper that allows the teacher to cope with the grades of the students, a grade book allows the teacher to enter several grading rubrics using different performance criteria like the aggregation formula. It is actually an online record of the teacher in which they can have all the information about the lessons, grades, and assignments of the students. Grade books have all the records of the individual’s attendance, medical records,…

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Home Schooling Templates

home schooling progress card

Home Schooling Progress Card Writing a homeschooling progress card is a tough task, the purpose of writing it is to let the parents know what the kids have learned throughout the year. It is the report of achievement of the individuals, what they have experienced, learned and actually accomplished.It includes the basic and the factual details of the individual, many individuals love to know what their kids have learned. It includes the basic and the factual details of the individual, many individuals love to know what their kids have learned.…

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Fundraiser Templates

fundraiser door hanger

Fundraiser Door Hanger A door hanger is a great way of advertising, so it can be used as a fundraiser as well. The cause is mentioned on the door hanger for which the organization wants to fundraise as it is a great way of collecting money to assist the non-profit organizations in doing something for the betterment in any field. Fundraising is usually done for the charity purpose, but it is also done for many other purposes involving the assistance of the needy. The templates for the fundraiser door hanger…

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Graduation Templates

graduation photo album

Graduation Announcement Card Graduation is an amazing time that comes after a lot of hard work, so the celebration should be accordingly. Graduation announcements cards are the best way to let your friends and family know that you have done it successfully, sending the graduation announcement card is the best way to let people know that when and where you are going to celebrate it. When the huge party is already planned for this announcement, then sending amazing cards to the people you are inviting is the best thing. Have…

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Sales Log

sales log template

DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY SALES A sales log template can be very useful for a store’s daily cash register. On the other hand, this log can also be maintained for monthly evaluations. Overall, a sales log can help you keep a record for daily, monthly as well as annual sales. Different templates can be found on the World Wide Web. The layout of these templates varies. Therefore, you can easily choose the one which fulfills your requirements best. These templates can meet the needs of both small as well as…

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Weight Loss Log

weight loss log

WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS Losing weight can be easier if it is done in an organized way. A weight loss log spreadsheet is just what you need. It helps you stay organized by maintaining a proper record. Often, professional physical trainers used such logs. Doctors, exercise coaches, and nutritionists also recommend it. It helps in keeping a track of your progress. In this way, it will be easier to find out how close you are to your goal. Likewise, you will be able to evaluate how much more effort is required.…

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Vehicle Mileage Log

vehicle mileage log

MILEAGE LOG A mileage log can be useful for your vehicle in a number of ways. It helps you keep a track of your fuel consumption. This is important for business trips since fuel charges are paid by the company. In this way, you will be able to differentiate between the personal and business use of your vehicle. Samples of vehicle mileage log template are available on the internet. These templates can be used to print a form for your own vehicle. This log is also important for future maintenance…

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Daily Work Log

Daily work log

WORK LOGS A daily work log is required to keep track of the productivity of employees. It can also be referred to as a work job sheet. A separate log can be maintained for each employee. The most basic form of a daily work log includes date, details about activities and number of hours. The manager or supervisor can add his or her remarks on daily basis or at the end of each week. Templates for a daily work log are easily available on the internet. It is available in…

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