Child Dedication Certificate

Child dedication certificate

Different events are organized from the perspective of religion. One of the popular events is the child dedication ceremony. This ceremony has a lot of significance in communities that follow religion faithfully. In this ceremony, kids are committed to obeying their faith. In all the important matters of our lives, we are expected to show full dedication. Things transform into their best form when they are done with passion and full interest. We know that we need to show a lot of interest in our goals and do whatever it…

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Child Adoption Certificate

Child adoption certificate

It is a rule in almost every state to go through legal procedures to adopt a child. To be regarded as a legal parent of a minor, those parents who take up the responsibility to bring up a child as their own need a certificate because it certifies their action of child adoption. What is a child adoption certificate? This certificate is earned by people who have adopted a child by following a legal procedure. This document certifies that they have adopted a minor in a legal and proper way,…

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Rent Increase Letter to Tenant

Rent increase letter to tenant

A rent increase letter or rent increase notice is usually of the concern of landlords when they decide to surge the expense paid to them in return for their property used by a person. A rent increase letter is written like an official letter to tenants, with this document one can make sure that all the necessary information is in writing so that there isn’t any confusion caused over the upturn in rent. Such letters are documented when a landlord wants to notify the tenant about the increase in the…

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Accounts Receivable Ledger

Accounts receivable ledger

It is a professionally used tool that businesses use these days for record-keeping purposes. When customers buy products from a business on credit, they are given an account that they own in the business. A business keeps track of all the credit it is yet to receive from its customers in the receivables ledger.A sales ledger is one of the most important tools of a business, as it makes the accounting system of the company smooth and also helps the business monitor and manage all the money that is to…

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Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Bid sheets are usually used by businesses to keep track of all the bids that people have offered for buying products and services. Silent auctions are types of auctions in which bids are written or sent electronically instead of being called out loud. There is a separate sheet that is prepared for silent auctions. A tool that is used to keep a record of the silent auction bids is known as the silent auction bid sheet. Where are silent auction bid sheets used? There are many such organizations and events…

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