Birthday Gift Certificate

birthday gift certificate

Birthday & Gift Certificates It is often a hard task to select the right birthday gift for family and friends. In this case, a birthday gift certificate proves to be a perfect choice. Using this certificate, the birthday boy or girl can buy a gift of his or her own choice. It is, therefore, quite a valuable piece of paper. Birthday certificates can be designed differently. It does not have to resemble an official certificate. Instead, there is a number of innovating ideas which can be used. The size, shape,…

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Child Adoption Certificate

Child adoption certificate

Adoption Certificates An adoption certificate is an official document. It is legal proof of the fact that a child has been adopted by a couple. Relevant signatures and an official seal provide this legal proof. The overall format and layout of the certificate can vary from one adoption center to another. However, some important pieces of information must be provided. These include the child’s name, the names of the adopting individuals, relevant dates and signatures. Other than this, the font styles, colors and size of the certificate can vary. Child adoption…

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Land Lease Agreement

land lease agreement

Land Lease & Agreements A land lease agreement is used to bind the tenant and the owner of the land. If there is a relation of trust between the tenant and the owner then the verbal agreement can be made, however, in order to make the agreement more authentic and to give it legal validity, you are required to have a land lease agreement. The signing of the land lease agreement is the most important task while renting the land. Many landowners get into complication only because they are not…

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Rent Increase Letter to Tenant

Rent increase letter to tenant

A rent increase letter or rent increase notice is usually of the concern of landlords when they decide to surge the expense paid to them in return for their property used by a person. A rent increase letter is written like an official letter to tenants, with this document one can make sure that all the necessary information is in writing so that there isn’t any confusion caused over the upturn in rent. Such letters are documented when a landlord wants to notify the tenant about the increase in the…

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Accounts Receivable Ledger

Accounts receivable ledger

Ledger & Excel Sheets If you have a well-established business, it is wise to make a proper ledger to keep all the record. The accounts receivable ledger is basically a sub-ledger in which you can record all sales data made by your business. It is probably better for not separating all the record and places it one location as a record of all quantities invoiced to clients as well as all payment memos and bill records issued to you. The total quantity of accounts receivable ledger will be the same…

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Business Development Prompter

Business development prompter

A Business Development Prompter is a very short, directed script mainly used to escalate your growth rate at inspiring interest in numerous situations. A simple business development prompter is typically used to initiate interaction over the telephone. The objective is to motivate interest in order to inspire the vision mainly to learn about helping them addressing a business problem they have using your products and facilities. The prompter can be changed for numerous tactics, but mostly key versions should contain basic elements like your name and organization. Make sure to…

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Silent Auction Bid Sheet

silent auction bid sheet

Auction Bid Sheets Every business has set rules and criteria that one needs to follow actively in order to turn things their way. Though Silent Bid Auctions may not be regarded as simple business as it has many other details behind its implication. Mostly, the auction bids are held for fundraising for charitable organizations and are efficacious as no place is especially allotted and the bidding is done in a silent way which helps to make the most of the items being displayed by the individual who is responsible for…

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