Car Maintenance Log

car maintenance log

Your car is a very valuable asset that can work like a charm for even decades if it gets proper care and attention. Every vehicle needs proper maintenance because it can be a big source of headaches if it is not well-maintained. Imagine yourself going somewhere and your car breaks down halfway through the destination. It will be a big problem for you. However, you can prevent this problem easily if you give the car that it needs. What is a car maintenance log? No matter how possessive you are…

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Parent Teacher Communication Log

Parent teacher communication log

A student’s academic progress depends on many factors. One of these important factors is smooth communication between parents and teachers. For this purpose, many educational institutes offer the facility of a parent-teacher communication log. It may be in digital form or on paper. Either way, it makes communication easier and also maintains a record of the discussions carried out between parents and teachers. Here are the various benefits of maintaining a parent-teacher communication log. Easy Way to Share Concerns This log provides a way for both parents as well as…

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Fuel Consumption Log

fuel consumption log

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE Fuel consumption logs are maintained for vehicles. These serve several useful purposes. For instance, you can evaluate the fuel economy of your automobile through this record. In addition, it also proves to be useful for making comparisons between two or more vehicles. This information can be very important for buyers of used cars. In fact, buyers should demand to have a look at the fuel consumption log of a used vehicle before making the final deal. On the other hand, owners can use this information to figure out…

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Vehicle Log Book

vehicle log book template

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR LOGS A vehicle log book maintains a record of the servicing of your automobile. Car workshops keep such records for each of their clients. Having a copy of your vehicle log with you will be helpful. You should get your vehicle serviced regularly. It is important to remember things like when you changed the oil last time. In this way, you will know when to visit the workshop next. A vehicle maintenance log record several numbers for your automobile. These include the mileage, date for the…

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Visitors Log Template

Visitors log template

These days, a visitor log is used to monitor and keep track of all the visitors to an organization. This log is maintained regularly, and the purpose is always to ensure that several measures are being taken to keep the premises of a building safe. What is a visitor log? It is a record sheet that is used to keep track of each and every visitor to a company. Usually, whenever a person enters the building, an entry is made in the log. This entry normally records the basic details…

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