Salary Hold Letter to Bank

Salary hold letter to bank

1- Re. Salary Hold for Mr. [NAME] in the Case no. [xx/xx] of the Company Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [NAME], this letter serves as a salary hold notification for the bank. The bank is requested to hold the salary of [NAME] on the account of case no. [xxx/xx] justifies in the below-given explanation. The salary would be payable pending amount and shall be kept withheld until further notification by the company. Moreover, all the other dealings of the bank with the negligent reminiscing the company’s rules, Mr. [NAME], can proceed on an…

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Congratulations messages on being a dad

Congratulations message on being a dad

1 To be a dad for the first time is an incredible and beyond-belief experience. I am enraptured that you have become a father now. I wish you to savor the precious moments of parenthood and have an extravagant time with your baby. You are going to spend the remaining days of your life with your child so cuddle your child and raise him appropriately into a good human being. To become a parent is not an easy task at all but you are the lucky one to be one.…

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Backpay Follow Up Email

Backpay follow up email

Sample -1 <generally follow up emails bear the same subject> Dear [NAME], Thanks a lot for writing to me and providing me a chance to write as a follow-up to this. At this moment, I request you to back pay that is in arrears from [SPECIFY DATE] to [SPECIFY DATE]. I have not been paid during this time due to technical problems and issues found in the current deficit of the company. I had been assured and taken under much confidence that it will be done not later than [DATE]…

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Salary Hold Email to Employees

Salary hold email to employees

Sample -1 Re. Holding Salaries of the Company Staff Dear All, I am writing this email with the hope that you all are doing well. First, I would like to thank you all for being always committed to the [COMPANY NAME]. You all make a very strong team and a stone-hard potential. I am amazed by looking at the last month’s performance appraisals according to which most of the team members have not taken a single leave in the last six months. Moreover, everyone was found to be a punctual…

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Resignation Letter due to No Increment

Resignation letter due to no increment

Sample -1 Re. Resignation from the Post of [DESIGNATION] Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [NAME], this letter serves as a resignation letter. In this letter, I have included all the details of my resignation and the major reason behind the unpleasant decision. I am [NAME] and I am working here since 20XX. I have worked here for [X] years and have been dedicated, determined, and committed throughout the mentioned time. I have one of the loyal most employees of the company as I continued working here for several extra hours without payment i.e.,…

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Change in Payroll Letter to Employees

Change in payroll letter to employees

Sample -1 Re. Change in Payroll Frequency Dear Employees, this letter is penned to inform all the employees about recent changes in the payroll structure and its frequency. The changes have been made by the [NAME OF THE TREASURY MANAGER] from the Department of [NAME]. The reason for the payroll change is the change in tax implementation by the government with the implementation of a new fiscal budget for the year 20XX-20XX. Payroll change has been made on the account of another reason i.e., the change of principal organization. The…

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