Absence Excuse Note for Work due to Various Reasons


I am sorry in advance to ask for today’s leave as I woke up with a fever in the morning. I have booked an appointment with the doctor at 2 pm and I will not make it to the office today. I know that my absence will affect our today’s presentation. Therefore, I have sent an email to Mr. Cather and he will present on my behalf. I will let you know about my health status after consulting the doctor. I would be thankful to you for sanctioning me today’s leave.


I am writing this letter as an excuse note for not taking leave permission on [mention date]. After sitting for continuous hours in the office, my back was aching badly. I was so busy with my work routine that I could not focus on it. I had an appointment with my physician that day and for this reason, I could not come. I am sorry that you had to manage the workload caused by my absence.

#Medical checkup

On [mention date] I was absent from the office as I had to go for my medical checkup. I am a heart patient and each month I visit my doctor for a follow-up. I am sorry that I did not let you know timely. Kindly excuse me for this and I make sure next time to let you know a day before my leave.

#Personal matter

This letter is a request to ask for three days’ leave due to some personal matter at my home. I am in great agitation due to the ongoing situation in my home. All this is impacting my studies and my attention is diverting during the lectures. I need a few days to leave and during this time I will try to sort out the matter. The matter needs detailed discussion and I hope you will cooperate with me during this tough hour. Kindly grant me three days’ leave in this regard. I would be thankful to you.

#Mental health

I am writing this letter to let you know of my week from the workplace for seven days. My mental health is deteriorating day by day due to my workload and hectic routine. To execute tasks before the deadline I burnt like midnight’s oil and a lot of stress made me mentally weak. I am in dire need of this rest otherwise I will not be able to concentrate on my work. I consulted a doctor in this regard and he has recommended me complete rest for a week. This is necessary to regain my mental health. I hope you will allow me to rest for a week. The doctor’s note is enclosed with the letter.

Absence excuse note due to mental health

#Skin allergy

This is to bring to your notice that because of a skin allergy I need to take leave for a few days. My leave will start from [mention date] and I will resume my duties on [mention date]. I visited a consultant and as per his recommendations, I need to isolate myself. This is necessary to do so otherwise there is a high risk of my colleagues getting this infection. My absence will create some inconvenience and I am sorry for this. Kindly inform me if there is a need for more attestation. Your cooperation is of much value to me. 

#Child sickness

I am Liza Betty, manager of operations at ABC Organization. I beg my pardon for asking for abrupt leave due to my child’s sickness. He had a high fever and throat infection and after a lot of medication, his condition is not improved. I will take him to another doctor today at 11 am. Until my child gets better, I will remain with him as he needs proper attention. I hope that you will understand and will consider my leave request.

#Religious activity

I have been working as an accounts manager in your company. This message seeks your permission to remain absent from the office due to activity in the church. Tomorrow is Good Friday and an event has been arranged in this regard. This day keeps of vital importance to me and I indulge myself in praising Jesus all day. Due to this, I cannot attend the office and request you grant me one day’s leave. Thanking in anticipation.

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