Aggressive action letter to customer for failing to make payment

Dealing with your clients can get complicated when matters of payment are involved. A customer who neglects his payment needs to be contacted and reminded about his due bill. At first, you remind him politely and may extend the due date of the payment for his ease. However, your subsequent reminders become more serious. Finally, the client is given the last warning. He is informed about the drastic action that can be taken against him in case he still does not clear his dues.

When an official final warning is given to a client, you announce the action you are going to take against him if he still does not make the payment. Such an announcement letter is brief and emphasizes its main purpose. Keep the following tips in mind while writing this letter.

  • Express Displeasure at the Non-payment

Begin the letter by expressing your disappointment at the client’s negligence of his payment. State that you are displeased at his lack of response despite your previous warnings.

  • Give a Final Date for the Payment

Provide a date by which the client must clear his dues. Emphasize that it is mandatory for the client to make the payment by the mentioned date and no further extension will be given. You may have provided some relaxation to your customer in your previous reminders. However, there is no room for any more leniency. Put stress on the fact that the provided date is absolutely final.

  • Describe the Action to be Taken in Case of Further Negligence

This is an important part of the letter. You must persuade your client to clear his dues in order to avoid the serious action you are capable of taking against him. Explain what this action is. Usually, organizations may turn to drastic measures, such as the involvement of the police or legal procedures. In case of overdue payment, it is your right to take such an action against your negligent client.

  • Offer Assistance

Provide a number or ask your client to contact the customer service in case of any queries or required assistance. Although it is the last warning with no further relaxations, you should still offer your help so that the client may be able to make your payment as soon as possible.

Sample Letter

It is highly disappointing that you have still not cleared your overdue bill despite our previous reminders. Consider this our final warning. You are required to make your overdue payment by the 15th of July. In case you ignore this warning, legal action will be taken against you.

We expect prompt payment from you as soon as you receive this letter. You may contact our customer care service in case of any queries. 

Aggressive action letter to customer for failing to make payment

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