Letter to Announce the Divorce

Divorce brings a big change to one’s life. People you know may eventually get news about it from word of mouth. However, it is best to make the announcement yourself. Your family and close friends deserve to receive this update directly from you instead of hearing it from someone else. In addition, you should also provide this news to other people in your circle, such as your colleagues.

Not making a proper announcement may lead to gossips and rumors about you and your ex. Therefore, before people come up with their own versions of your break up, it is best to provide the news yourself. Simply draft a brief letter to inform the people you know about this important change in your life.

Before writing this letter, it is advised to consult your ex. Do not include any information in your letter that he or she does not want to reveal. Moreover, he/she should also be aware that you are making this news public. Taking these steps will help you avoid any complications.

This announcement may also be made mutually by both the involved parties for family and common friends. In this case, it is suggested to write a rough draft first. Exchange notes with your ex and includes what both of you agree upon.

Here are some tips for you to remember when you wish to announce your divorce.

  • Be Brief

The purpose of this letter is merely to make the required announcement. There is no need to provide any background information, reasons behind the split or your future plans. All of this information can be discussed in face-to-face conversations with anyone who feels concerned about you. Therefore, keep this letter brief by only mentioning the necessary information. State when your divorce was finalized or when it will be officially declared in case you are in the separation phase with your spouse.

  • Stand by your Decision

Many people, including your family or friends, might start giving suggestions to you for giving your relationship another chance. You may be asked to take some more time. Some might even insist on reversing your decision. Therefore, while making this announcement, provide assurance to your audience that you have made this decision after thoughtful consideration. State that you have already made efforts for reconciliation. Explain to your readers that you wish to move on with your life as this marriage may jeopardize a happy and content future for you.

  • Maintain a Serious Tone

Since this, a brief letter regarding a serious matter, maintain an appropriate tone. It is strictly advised to avoid using any anecdotes or limericks. You may be tempted to tone down the sorrow for your readers by including a funny line or two. However, it is best to avoid doing so since this is not an appropriate way of announcing sad news like divorce. On the other hand, you should also avoid showing too many emotions. Remember, it is just an announcement which should be precise in a matter-of-fact way.

  • Be Partial

Use this letter to simply inform the readers about your divorce. Whatever the reason may have been, avoid stating whose fault it has been. Do not badmouth your ex in this announcement. You need to prevent complications and avoid giving a chance to others for gossiping. Express maturity and maintain your dignity by adopting a partial tone.

  • State your Updated Contact Details

One of the main reasons behind a divorce announcement is to provide your updated contact details to your family and friends. Since you will no longer be living with your ex, your whereabouts will change. Provide your new address to the readers through this announcement.

  • Thank the Reader

In the end, thank your family and friends for their support. Some might have played an important role to provide moral support to you or make reconciliations between you and your spouse. Express your gratitude for all their help.

Such an announcement may also be made on behalf of the ex-couple. In this case, all the tips discussed above should be kept in mind while the tone of the letter should be more serious and business-like.

Sample Letter -1

I am writing to inform you that after 5 months of separation with Jane, my divorce with her has been officially finalized. Thank you for all your support and efforts for our reconciliation. Unfortunately, this is probably what fate has decided for us. Nevertheless, I am grateful to you for your moral support.

I have decided to let Jane continue to live in our house with the kids. I will be moving to a new location as soon as I find a suitable place. At the moment, I am sharing an apartment with my cousin, John. You may visit me at (provide address).

Once again, thank you for being there for me.

Letter to announce the divorce

Sample Letter -2

I am delivering the sad news on behalf of John and Jane that their divorce will be finalized this week. During their 3 years of marriage, they realized that they do not feel happy with each other. Therefore, their decision to dissolve the marriage is for a better future. May both of them find happiness and contentment in their individual lives.

Jane has moved back to her parent’s house while John can be visited at his old apartment in Chicago.

The ex-couple is grateful to all family members and friends for sharing happy moments with them. They request everyone to support their decision and wish them luck for the future.

Letter to announce the divorce

Sample Letter -3

Susan and I want to inform you that we are getting divorced. After fulfilling all the legal formalities, the divorce shall be finalized by the end of this month.

Both of us are happy to end this relationship after futile efforts at reconciliation. We shall be going our different ways in life now. However, we shall remain dutiful towards our kids. While both our daughters will be living with Susan, I shall always be there for them as a father. For this purpose, I have rented an apartment just 5 blocks away from them. My new address is (provide address).

Thank you for your support and kindness.

Letter to announce the divorce

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