Apology Letters for Poor or Inadequate Service

Letter -1

Please accept our sincere apology for being unable to handle your complaint in an efficient manner. The sales person who dealt with you has come up to work with our team a week before so was unable to deal with you in an adequate manner as he is not aware of the store policy of returnable goods.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you by us. We are sending the salesperson to a month’s training as to avoid any mishaps in future.  We wish to have a customer like you in our store in future as well. Download

Letter -2

Apology Letter for Poor or Inadequate ServiceThis letter is an apology from [Company Name] referenced to your complaint made to our customer service department on 18th April 2018. The repairing and maintenance team sent by our company for the service of your oven ended up by having a blast at your place due to the improper fixing of gas pipe. I intend to pay for the loss and offer you a free service of your oven.

I am again very sorry for your loss, I would like to bring it to your knowledge that the repair and maintenance team has been sent for further training as to avoid any problems in future.

I will personally contact you within 2 days making for the loss incurred by you at any convenient time, please feel free to contact me anytime. Download

Letter -3

Apology Letter for Poor or Inadequate ServiceI am writing you this letter to discuss the air conditioning service provided by our company DSL at your place on 14th April 2018. I understand that the service provided to you was unsatisfactory for which I apologize to you.

I know you must be frustrated now due to the unsatisfactory service. I intend to make up for your loss by making another appointment with you for the air conditioning service which will be free of cost.

This time I will personally involve myself in the whole process as to avoid any drawbacks. We at DSL surely love to offer our services to our dearest customers with the best equipment but I feel sorry that this did not happen in your case.

I intend to have another appointment fixed with you at your convenience. It will be our pride to resolve your matter to your satisfaction. Download

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