Application Letter for Repairing of Toilet

I am bringing to your notice an important issue regarding repairing the toilet. We are facing pathetic toilet conditions since the very first day of our relocation to this building.

I would like to inform you that a winter sale is expected over the next few days. I hope that there would be an influx of thousands of people, but we have two toilets in working condition out of six. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to flush the water properly. We can’t even think about starting the sale in such sluggish toilet conditions because customers won’t stay here in presence of an unpleasant smell.

Moreover, every employee deserves a clean and healthy working environment. Maintenance of proper sanitation is very important for our office. Filthy and nonfunctional toilets are creating hurdles in our way and this problem needs to be fixed on a priority basis. We need immediate repairing of our toilets. I have observed several disease cases in my own office that came from poor sanitary conditions of toilets.

I request you resolve this issue as soon as possible. This has become impossible for us to work in presence of bad and disturbing smells coming from the toilets. Two of our employees had to be hospitalized last week because we are inhaling germs and eating food which is full of disease-causing agents. Owing to bad toilets, everyone is looking at himself as the next victim of the disease.

Dear Sir, I wrote this letter on behalf of all employees. I hope you will consider all the above-mentioned factors and resolve the repairing issue of toilets on a priority basis. We shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.


Subject: Urgent need of repairing toilets at [XYZ]

Dear Sir,

My name is Johnson, and I am the occupant of your home number 123, located at [place]. I want to remind you about the poor sanitary conditions of your apartment. This is something that requires your immediate attention. Please recall to your mind our previous meeting in which you promised me to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it was just a verbal commitment, and no solid step has yet been taken in this regard. My dear, being an owner of the property, you are supposed to oversee such matters as plumbing, repairing, and maintenance of toilets. Our lease contract also states that you will be responsible for repairing and maintenance of your property.

I want to inform you through this letter that the toilet flush is not working properly. This problem may either be due to low water levels in the tank or clog formation in the pipe. Secondly, the toilet seat is cracked and about to break. It needs to be repaired immediately. In the same way, slow flushing of the toilet has resulted in clogging due to mineral deposits in the pipe.

Apart from these problems, water leakage is a major issue that needs to be resolved quickly. If you do not repair your toilets immediately, leaking water can cause severe damage to your floors. It will also make your rooms filthy and smelly.

All the above-mentioned conditions can cause risk to my health, and I may fall prey to any disease. The provision of a healthy environment along with proper sanitation is the responsibility of a landlord and therefore, you are required to make swift arrangements for repairing toilets.

It has become impossible for me to live in your apartment in presence of a bad smell coming from the washroom. I am facing difficulty breathing due to such a filthy atmosphere. Kindly resolve this issue on top priority and send a team of maintenance workers within one week.

I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Application Letter for Repairing of Toilet

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