Building Management Responsibility Letter

A building management responsibility letter is issued by the landlord or the owner of the building/property and is addressed to the manager, who is responsible for handling and maintaining the building. It is written when the performance level of the manager is not up to the mark, and the owner is not satisfied with his work. Where this letter’s aim is to make the manager understand his mistakes, it also serves the purpose of a warning letter for him, as the owner makes the manager aware of the possible consequences of his inefficiency.

Usually, for the maintenance of a property, collection of rent, and handling of the related issues, a landlord hires a manager to make the administration effective and efficient, as he may own a number of properties or is available to take care of the building himself. However, if the manager does not fulfill his responsibilities properly, the building’s condition would deteriorate, which is intolerable to the owner, as it devalues the property.

Therefore, he takes an action, the first step of which is, usually, the issuance of a formal building management responsibility letter, in which he demands and warns the manager to rectify his behavior. The length of this letter and the information included can vary as per the circumstances and the landlord’s dissatisfaction level. Common details of the letter include:

  • The issues with the manager’s performance and building’s state.
  • Demand improvement.
  • Provide a solution, if any.
  • Specify a deadline.
  • State possible consequences in case of continued bad performance.
  • Show openness for cooperation.
  • Salutations and signature.

When this letter is received by the manager, he knows that he has to improve his performance, else his job is at risk, as he is under the strict surveillance of the landlord. Usually, after this letter, the issues get sorted out, even if that is for the short term. Otherwise, the building’s owner replaces the old manager with a new efficient one.

Sample Letter


Dear Mr. John,

I am writing this letter to make you understand that you have to fulfill your responsibilities and duties in a better manner.

I am not satisfied with your performance, as you are not doing your job properly. Last week, I came to visit the building, the maintenance of which is your responsibility, and I was not happy to see its condition. The building seems to be ignored for a long time. No proper cleaning chipped off paint, fused lights, non-functional cameras, etc., were the sight. Even the rent collection is very ineffective, and often you deposit the collected money after half the month has already passed.

I want you to improve your administration and management. I will revisit after two weeks, i.e. on 20th June [YEAR], and I want you to revamp my building till that date. You need to manage the staff working under you as well, and I have given you the authority to terminate anyone, who is not working effectively. Build up your team better, and improve my property’s condition, for which you have been hired. If you are not capable to handle your job, we can always look for a new manager.

I hope that you will realize your mistakes and amend them. We are hoping for a better change.

You can contact me at [X] for any questions or if you need any suggestions. Let me know if you need approval or my signature.

Thank you.


William Geller.

Building Management Responsibility Letter

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