Cargo Delay Compensation Letter

Cargo services may be rendered by an individual for personal needs or organizations for the transfer of material. This transfer may be done within the city or beyond boundaries. For this purpose, cargo companies are established which helps the transfer of materials from one place to another.

The person availing the cargo service must mention the weight of the things being transferred through cargo. Normally the things are packed in a carton and then weighed for further processing. Things must be carefully packed as damage to any items may cost you a lot. The cargo companies usually provide you with acute details to be kept in mind while using the cargo service. For different items, these companies charge at a different rate.

Cargo companies give you a receipt which is actually proof that you have availed of the cargo services by paying a certain amount of money. Your name and contact number are mentioned on the receipt with the time of delivery. The address where you want to cargo things is also mentioned along with the amount you have paid for undertaking the service.

Normally these companies deliver things on time but if they are unable to deliver due to some reasons either you or the cargo company itself may draft a compensation letter in your name for the delay in delivery.

If you as a receiver are to draft a letter for delay in delivery you will need to mention your reference number which is printed on the receipt along with your name for identification purposes.

The letter will start by giving a reference to your placed order with the cargo company and then progress by telling that a delay in delivery has been caused by the company due to which you had to make other arrangements (if any has been undertaken) and in the light of the delay you demand compensation by the company. Another case would be if the cargo company itself proposes to offer compensation for the delay in delivery.

It adds to the goodwill of the company if it offers for compensation itself in the first place as this depicts their interest in making you their customer for any future shipment plus it also reflects a responsible attitude of the company which has promised to deliver goods in due time this also helps in making the current customer your probable future customer.

Sample letter

ABC Cargo international.
Westwood road.
Reference number: A2098765

Dated: 12th October, 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam,

We are extremely sorry for the delay in your requested shipment referenced A2098765. It has been rather upsetting for us too that sudden strike by the service companies has caused a delay of about 2 weeks in your shipment. We understand that this long term delay would have upset you as well. We tried our best to handle the situation or devise a way out but nothing was possible.

Undertaking the responsibility of delay in goods we at ABC Cargo international take pleasure in giving you compensation of 7%. We hope to enjoy a cordial relationship in the future with you.

Best regards,

ABC Cargo International.
12th October 20XX

Cargo Delay Compensation Letter

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