Community Service Completion Letters

Letter -1

I am writing this letter to verify the community service work undertaken by Mr. James at our [organization]. Mr. James is a very hardworking person who is dedicated towards the work tasks assigned and is always willing to accept challenges.

We at [organization] provide artificial limbs for those unfortunate persons who by any reason have lost their limbs so that they too can live a normal life as others. For this, we have a qualified doctor who after careful examination of the patient goes on with preparing the limb. James approached us at the peak moment for volunteer work when we were on the way to organizing different programs for these individuals. James has been very kind to our clients. He has demonstrated excellent motor skills when it came to handling these individuals.

He has mastered the art of making the patients move with the limbs attached to them without any difficulty. He makes them feel as if nothing has happened to them.

He has successfully completed the 100-hour time with us. We are proud to have worked with him. For further queries please call us on 111-564-789 or simply email at [EMAIL]. Download

Letter -2

Community Service Completion LetterI am writing this letter to verify the community service work done by Miss Susan at our institute for special education. Susan is a gem, one of kind that every institute would ever need. She has worked selflessly throughout her volunteer period.

We at [organization] provide special education to children who are handicapped either by birth or by becoming a victim of a certain accident. These children are special for us in every manner. We provide these kids with education so to make them able to survive in this society. We have hired teachers who have been given the training to deal with these special ones. Many people approach us for volunteer purpose in the vacation time. It was this time when Susan requested us to be a volunteer.

It was certainly our pride to have worked with her. During her volunteer period, she was not only able to develop a close association with the children but also carried programs to bring parents and children close to each other.

She has successfully completed her 80-hours volunteer work with us. For any more queries contact us on the following 344-567-098. Download

Letter -3

Community Service Completion LetterThis is to verify that Miss Margaret has voluntarily worked with us at the KIMS Hospital. She was placed in our HR Department. During her volunteer work, she proved to be a diligent and responsible individual. Her duties were to successfully file in patient detail in the respective patient file and request for documents which were not complete. Making a set of each and then placing them in the right order.

Margaret demonstrated an excellent understanding of the nature of her job. During her 100-hours volunteer work, she displayed good behavior and observed the code of conduct.

We were pleased to have worked with her. For any more information, feel free to contact us on 435-675-998. Download

Letter -4

Community Service Completion LetterThis is to verify that Mr. John has worked with us at our community store. He has been a very kind and polite individual. We placed him at the till of our store for billing purpose. We were surprised to see that John learned his work within no time.

He efficiently filled out customer bills without any delay. He demonstrated a true hard worker. He introduced new ideas within the billing system which produced great results. Moreover, he also guided customers in the grocery when they faced any difficulty or when they got confused in buying.

He has successfully completed his 70-hour volunteer work with us. For any queries please contact us on 676-098-000.

We truly appreciate his hard work and look forward to work with him in future. Download


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