Company Assets Handover Letters

Accept our heartiest congratulations on joining the [X] group of companies as marketing manager. Since you have joined a keep position, management is pleased to provide you a vehicle, dell laptop, cell phone, and SIM. All these things will be treated as a company assets and can only be used in connection with the business of the company. Mr. Saqib is the concerned person in this regard. You are required to visit our head office so that he would hand over all the above-mentioned company assets to you.

The company has a well-defined policy regarding the usage of its assets, issued to employees. You are hereby informed that the company mobile phone and vehicle are meant to be used to complete official tasks only. You need to take care while using these assets because the company will provide you [X US dollars] to recharge your cell phone and [X liters] fuel for official visits. If you exceed the limits, the additional amount will be deducted from your monthly pay.

By signing the form attached to this letter, it will be considered that you are agreed with our terms and conditions with respect to the fair usage of company assets. It will be mandatory for you to take good care of your mobile phone, laptop, and vehicle. If any damage occurs to any of these assets, you will be held responsible for the loss.

Moreover, at the time of your retirement or in the case when you leave the company earlier under certain circumstances, you will be responsible for returning all the company assets issued by the company from time to time.

I am sure you will enjoy working here. With a warm welcome to this prestigious set up, you are again directed to visit the company head office on the specified date at 9:00 a.m. sharp, so that the issued company assets could be handed over to you by our concerned officer.

Yours sincerely,


Subject: assets handover to [XYZ]

Dear Kamran,

I have come to know through your manager that you are going abroad to spend your annual leave with your family. Because you are going on a year-long leave, company business may be affected in a bad way because you are working in a key position as a marketing manager.

To avoid any inconvenience, your assistant manager is attached to you and he will be taking additional charge of your post after you go on leave. You are direct through this letter to make him understand the nature of work. Please train him in the easiest possible way so that he would enable himself to handle your complex work in your absence.

Moreover, the company has issued you a laptop, vehicle, cell phone, and SIM for the completion of official tasks. You are also required to head office all these assets to him before leaving.

The company cannot afford to put its important projects on hold due to your long leave. Please spare some time after office and make your assistant manager familiar with all the potential clients who have established their good business relations with our company. In addition, important files of all the ongoing projects must be handed over with proper care.

I hope you will full fill all the formalities before leaving and make the smooth transition possible.

Yours sincerely.

Company Assets Handover Letter

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