Complaint letter about manager’s behavior

We all have heard that people leave managers not companies. This is a very common issue we listen from employees when they leave their jobs. The manager is hired for managing people and make the employees give their best. However, most of the managers are found doing the opposite.

Managers can motivate and demotivate the employees at the same time. Most of the managers are seen as an enemy rather than a friend. The managers can be unjust and unfair to you but complaints against them are not as easy as it might sound.

Write a formal letter with organized structure and issues. As you are writing against the manager, make sure to direct the letter to the right person. This will increase the chances of action and you can expect a response too.

Be polite and honest will writing the letter. You could be very angry at your manager, but it is best to remain calm and state the facts. Mention the correct date, issues, venue and the happenings to put up a strong case.

Don’t forget to mention the name, address and department details of the managers. A company can have as many managers and providing complete details can help to track them.

Sample letter

Human Resource,

I am writing this letter to inform you regarding the unacceptable behavior of the finance manager. He was appointed as my manager one year ago and since then I have been having issues with him. Using abusive language, humiliating staff in front of colleagues and denying promotion on grounds of my gender has become a norm now. I chose to speak to him to discuss these issues, but he was not being very helpful. We recently had a very heated argument due to which I was left demotivated and unproductive for the rest of my week. This incident took place in the conference room during our weekly meeting.

I am bringing these issues to your attention so that you can investigate the matter and come to a reasonable solution. I love my job and I served this company for three years. I do not wish to switch my job just because I don’t get along with my manager. I trust you to deal with this issue in the best possible way.

With thanks,

Complaint letter about manager's behavior

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