Complaint letter to school about boarding facilities

A lot of parents choose to send their kids to boarding schools. Most of the working parents, who cannot manage time opt for sending their kids to these schools. Boarding schools have a good reputation and are known for disciplining and grooming the students well. Boarding schools are different from traditional schools. For this reason, parents put a lot of efforts to search for the best school.

There could be situations where parents will need to contact the school. It could be due to an issue at the school or it could be due to their child’s bad performance. The best way is to write a letter to the school principal or the student counsellor.

It is better to write a brief and concise letter stating the specific concerns and the solutions. The letter can also propose the best mode of communication for the response such as emails, phone call or letters. The letter should include the full name of your child, standard and the name of the class teacher/dorm in charge. Mention your address and the telephone number where you can be called back.

The school might not be aware of the poor facilities or any issues. So, keep the tone of the letter polite and convincing rather than defensive. Just mention the facts and wait for a reply.

Sample letter

 Dear Mr. John,

My son is a student of class 8 in your school. He has been in this school since his elementary level. Not only is he a student in your school but he is also residing in the hostel. We visit him every month and he seems to be very happy with the facilities he is enjoying. But during our recent visit, he complained regarding the quality of food that he gets. The meals are not fresh, and the quantity is not enough. The diet chart is not followed by the kitchen staff and the students are getting the same meals every day. My son has started to skip his meals for this reason and I can see that affecting his health too.

He was telling me about this new management which doesn’t seems to be very competent. The rooms are not maintained well, and cleaning is not done properly. Food and cleanliness are the necessities of life and should not be ignored at any cost. This can reflect badly on a student’s performance. Please pay attention to these neglected areas and improve the quality of food. I would love to have a quick chat with you. The best number to contact me is [Contact]. I am looking forward to the change before our next visit.

With thanks.

Complaint letter to school about boarding facilities

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