Complaint Letter for Unprofessional Behavior of Teacher

Teachers are an employee in a school. However, they are more than just an employee. They are mentors and guides of the students. Although the job of the teacher is to teach students a particular subject they have been tasked to teach, a teacher should also listen to the students and resolve their problems.

Sometimes, the teacher does not fulfill his/her duties well. There are many ways in which the unprofessional behavior of the teacher can be seen. Students or parents of the students often suffer when a teacher does not behave well. Many schools have a proper channel through which, students or their parents can complain.

Schools then make an investigation committee that investigates the matter and determines whether the teacher being blamed is at fault or not. Further actions by the management of the school are then taken according to the results obtained from the probe.

What is the complaint letter for unprofessional behavior of teacher?

If you have experienced the bad or unprofessional behavior of the teacher, you should let the principal of the school know about it. This will help the school correct the mistakes of the teacher. The complaint letter is the best way to write down the entire incident that you feel should not have happened. The complaint letter should only focus on the incident, not on the personality attack.

Tips to write the complaint letter:

Whether you are a student or someone else who wants to write a complaint against the teacher, you should take care of the following points for ensuring a better complaint letter:

  1. The letter should be short and for this, explain everything concisely. If you think that explaining the entire incident will make your letter long, you can omit the unnecessary details because the principal might call you later for further discussion while taking a probe into the entire matter.
  2. You should write your introduction in the letter to let the recipient know that who you are and what is your relationship with the school. For example, if you are writing this letter as a student on behalf of your class or because of your matter, you should mention your class, section number, your name, and a roll number for quick identification.
  3. If you are also at fault, you should mention this in the letter. Being truthful while describing everything is important to show that you don’t have any personal grudges with the teacher and whatever you have written is based on facts.  
  4. The tone of the letter should be polite and respectful. Even if you had a conflict with the teacher and you are incensed because of this, always make sure that you remain respectful.

Sample letter:


Name of the principal:

Subject of the letter: ___________________________________

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am a student of grade X section B in your school. My roll number is 56. I have been studying in your school for more than 6 years and during all this time, I have always remained satisfied with everything the school offers.

I am writing this letter to bring a few things to your notice. I am a class representative and writing this letter on behalf of my whole class. I am very sad to hear the news of the illness of our biology teacher. I pray for her to get well soon. The teacher tasked to teach us biology in place of Miss XYZ is someone our class is having a serious problem with.

The newly substituted teacher does not clear our concepts. She does not go deep into the concept and leaves so many things unclear. When we ask any question regarding the lecture, she does not pay attention to it and ignores it.

I also want to let you know that she does not make the best use of available time and sits after delivering a short lecture. When class ends, she gives a load of a home task and does not guide us at all. We respect our all teachers, and it is in the record that we have never misbehaved with any teacher. We also respect our newly substituted Biology teacher. However, we don’t understand what she teaches us in class.

It has become very difficult for us to learn the concepts of biology. Furthermore, we are also not able to full heed to our other subjects also. Our entire class requests you to change the substituted teacher or ask her to teach us in a way that we can learn our subject well. I hope that you will take action on our complaints against the teacher.


Name of the student
Name of the school
Class name and section
Roll number of the student

Complaint Letter for Unprofessional Behavior of Teacher

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