Thank you Message to Boss for Leadership and Vision


Please take this message as my quick appreciation note for your support and encouragement during the time when I was not well. I am highly grateful to you that you coordinated with everyone in the team to spread out my work burden while I was on leave. I will get back to office when I will be completely fine.


Bundle of thanks to you for your continuous support and expeditious actions when I was in dire need of taking leave from the office as I had to pick my daughter from her school. I will always remain bountiful to you for assisting me as it helped me a lot in decreasing my worries related to our current ongoing projects. With your support, I became able to take care of my daughter’s health without taking any worry about that who will accomplish the project related tasks during my absence. The mentors like you are hard to find and I’m truly blessed that I have been bestowed with you.


Please take this message as my token of appreciation and gratitude in finding substitute for my Physics class on short notice. Your compassion and assistance helped me a lot in decreasing my worries regarding the lessons of students. My mother was in dire need of me because of her bad health and due to office burden, I couldn’t pay focus on her health. Because of you I can take proper care of her health.

I really appreciate your endeavors for providing me your support and I am looking forward for the day when my mother will be completely fine, and I will be back to the classroom. Thanking you in anticipation.


This message has been written to let you know that how much i praise you for the time you have spent in supporting and teaching me official tasks. It was very difficult for me to adjust in the office during the start of my job. With your great advice and insight, I have been able now to be more confident for the role that I have been assigned in the company. It could not be possible without your help. I will always be indebted to you for this.


Hope you have been doing fantastic. I am writing this message to you for being a remarkable, outstanding, and wonderful mentor and extending your tenderness and warmth towards me while I was on leave. My shoulder’s surgery has gone well and with your gracious prayers I have been able to regain health. The great part in making me stress free goes to you as it has always been your priority to take care the health of your employees and their wellbeing. I am very thankful to you for your continuous assistance.


Kindly take this message as my appreciation note for the feedback that I got from you yesterday during our meeting with board executives. It really meant a lot to me that you put insight in my latest initiatives with the members of board and shareholders of our organization. I’m very eager to showcase the outcomes of this project to you.


I will always be grateful to you for the chance to work on this mega project that was between our company and ABC organization. Now, i am looking forward to making the best use of my abilities to help our project team in achieving triumph.


Hello Sir, hope you have been doing great. This message is being written to pay my gratitude to you for your dedication and great vision for your extraordinary efforts in making this business an outstanding one. Your continuous hard work is not unnoticed by your employees, and we are extremely grateful for your loyalty in elevating the status of organization. I consider myself the luckiest man having you as a mentor and I would never like to work for someone else except you. I feel like I have limited career development options as I always want to follow you, no matter where you go.


Hello Sir, I will always remain indebted to you for providing me your continuous support. I cannot describe in words how much your advice and guidance mean to me. You motivate your workers and help them in making tough decisions. I have learned great inspiration from you and your vision has enabled me to follow right track. You provided me not only the opportunity to work under your surveillance but also made me strengthened and guided me. I have a clearer destination now what I want to achieve in life, and it all happened because of you. Thanks a lot for doing all this for me.


Bundle of thanks to you for taking time for me to discuss about a new position that our company is going to be announced very soon. I am now looking forward for a better opportunity to move towards a better position. I have this belief that my talent will be of great help for the other department when I will move forward.


Hello Sir, hope you have been doing well. I’m highly grateful to you that gave me the opportunity to attend a very professional seminar that held in ABC Hall yesterday. I am very eager to acquire new skills that will help me in building my professional experience. It will be of great help for the company also in achieving its set objectives.

Thank you Message to Boss for Leadership and Vision

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