Complaint Letter to Courier Service for Lost Parcel

Complaint letters to courier service for lost parcels are written when an individual who was to receive or had sent a parcel to anyone, but it did not reach the destination. It’s not quite common when a person chooses a courier service to send a package somewhere and the package gets lost in the middle of nowhere while no one knows anything about it. In living reality, it’s quite rare and a worrisome state of affairs.

People have a high level of trust in courier service and therefore they opt for choosing one to hand them the responsibility of transferring their parcel to their beloveds. Also, it is the fundamental duty of a courier office to keep the packages and related information secure and safe as, Afterall, this is their only major job. However, ground reality can sometimes be a bit harsher and more unexpected. It is quite possible that the package that was supposed to reach you or you sent to someone never makes it to the address.

Now, it could be a precious thing in the parcel or an ordinary one. Regardless of the value of the entity, losing the parcel is quite frustrating in its nature as much as retrieving it back is a daunting task. In such an unfortunate state of affairs, one must not desert the hope and resort to submitting a complaint about it.

We recommend you make a phone call and talk to the manager or head of your area’s representative appointed by the courier. Convey your message through precise and accurate information. However, we also insist on keeping the matter more serious and professional given its gravity.

You should write a complaint letter to the head office of the courier company you opted for. There Are a few crucial things you should know before you jot down your words regarding drafting a convincing letter.

  • Mention accurate information & don’t miss any relevant or significant detail
  • You can express your dismay in the services, but we encourage keeping a professional tone not a humiliating one
  • Writing down the compensation can also help you cope with your loss

Sample Letter

Dear John,

I am writing this letter to you to register my complaint with sheer disappointment. 7-days ago, I sent a package to my friend in Raleigh, NC (mention the city and state you sent the parcel to) on an urgent delivery, and I was told it will reach the destination within 3-working days.

I regret that the parcel has not reached the destination so far. When I called to check on it, I was informed that it has been delivered to the given address whereas my friend never received it. Moreover, when my friend called the courier office in his city, he was told no package with the provided parcel ID has ever made it to their office.

I am unable to understand the situation and it has started to worry me now. I chose urgent delivery because there were some important office files that needed to be delivered urgently. But now they are lost, and I am in deep hot waters because of it.

I request you to look into the matter and resolve my dispute at your earliest by retrieving the documents. All the relevant documents including the invoice and parcel ID are enclosed in this letter.



Complaint Letter to Courier Service for Lost Parcel

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