Query Letter for Disobedience of Boss

No deviation or non-compliance goes unnoticed in a professional setting, be it of small magnitude, let alone disobedience of the boss. Companies have their HRs and supervisors keep a check and balance on their employees’ performances and they are prompt enough to track down any malicious activity.

Organizations only thrive when the employees reckon their positions and the requirements of it. A company or organization with an unhealthy style of ignoring the rules and regulations or simply not fast and diligent will never meet its own goals. Henceforth, the growth and success of a business depend upon not only the work speed but also the devotion of its workers.

By devotion, what we mean is, adhering to the company policies, paying attention to what the boss wants, and dedicating one’s skills and expertise in complying with the orders. If in a regrettable event, an employee is unable to execute a task as per the boss’s requirements, he/she shall be accountable for it. Casually, your boss will instruct something only when it’s of significant value allowing you to carry on the assignments at your ease otherwise. Thus, when he commands something, the workers are supposed to take it as a matter of importance and not be negligent of it.

In living reality, however, things are not always as expected. Sometimes, on an account of diverse reasons, employees are inadequate to conform to the orders ending up enraging the boss. Or, less frequently, workers just pay no heed to the commands and keep on with the old routine. Such attitudes are not tolerated in workplaces at all as they have the potential to bring down the company’s business or mess up the entire work environment.

Thus, the boss or management has a right to exercise corrective action on such negligence and disobedience. Usually, it is a verbal communication in a less disciplinary setting but if the magnitude of the disorder is grave, the employee can be sent a formal letter as well.

You could be in a capacity to write a query letter of disobedience to your boss, so we are writing below a draft of this letter. Since it’s a query letter, make sure your emphasis is not on the disciplinary action, rather scrutiny to explore what really happened.

Sample Letter

Dear Mark,

I regret to say that I recently came to know that you failed to comply with the instructions I gave you with regards to the project Skyrocket (mention project’s name for reference) rather carried out the assignment on your very own terms which, consequently, resulted in dissatisfaction and rejection of the client.

You have been an employee of this company for one year now and I believe you reckon the company policies on the disobedience of commandments. The intention of this letter is to inquire about the true details of your failure to abide by the orders. We, at ABC Solutions, believe in investigating the problem before executing a disciplinary action impulsively.

It is also intimated to you that you will be fired effective immediately on such poor performances in the future.

I am looking forward to a just explanation from you within 3 working days.


John Wick

Query Letter for Disobedience of Boss

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