Counseling Letter to Employee for Leave without Information


Re: Counseling for Uninformed Leave and Unscheduled Absence

Dear Michael,

I am Rose Pens, the Manager of the Admin Office and Quality Assurance in Sylvia Stars. You have been working in this firm for three years and we acknowledge your genuine efforts and dedication to work. It is always amazing to write extolling lines for the employees but it becomes very difficult when the case is otherwise. This letter has been composed as a written piece of notification to you which will serve as a counseling letter to you. You are advised to read it thoroughly and carefully and answer accordingly after approval.

As clear from the subject, it has been discerned and reported in your profile that you have been absent from the work without informing which comes under the category of unauthorized leave. Unauthorized leave means to leave the office or not appearing at work without any notification or information. It is obligatory for all the employees to inform when they intend to take a leave from the office otherwise actions can be taken against their unprofessional conduct. Leaving without information or unauthorized leave comes under the category of unprofessional attitude and is confronted with reprimands like unprofessionalism.

It has been submitted that you took leave for one week due to a medical emergency with your family for which you must travel to Boston. The leave for one week was approved by the HR Manager and submitted to the portal as 23-11-20XX to 29-11-20XX. On 30-11-20XX an email was received from you stating that you cannot attend the office due to a transportation problem in the city for which you were given an extra leave for eight hours but you did not show up afterward.

This was neglected by the office believing it a genuine problem but I regret to look at the non-seriousness at your end as, after three days of your email, you neither visited nor contacted the office to approve further leave. The Director of the Management Department took harsh notice of this unusual behavior and directed me to contact you immediately. Those calls/emails went not responded which added fuel to fire.

Therefore, I am sending you this piece of writing to roll call your unprofessional tackling of the issue and non-serious attitude towards work. This kind of demeanor is not acceptable in the office and it is regarded as an employee’s failure to meet the rules and regulations of the department and an employee’s inefficient methodology of unprofessional code of conduct. Such attitudes often meet with harsh reprimanding notices or sometimes prorated deduction in salary. We do not want you to fall into any trouble; therefore, it is suggested to write an apology letter to the Director and your supervisor validating your unauthorized leave from the work and sign this letter as approval of response.

We are always at the disposal of our employees and strive to make sure competency at their disposal. I expect you to improve what has been bungled and cluttered by you indicating a posture of not repeating this case by writing a causal letter of the reason for uninformed absence from the work.


Rose Pen
Manager, AO & QA
Sylvia Stars, California, USA

Counseling Letter to Employee for Leave without Information


Re: Counseling Notice on Unscheduled and Unmindful Leave from Office

Dear Andrews,

This letter is an official written piece of counseling letter and hence to be responded to accordingly. It is notified to the Management that you have been taking many leaves while not informing your supervisor or the admin of the department. Your absence has also been noticed on several important occasions in the past three weeks. The matter has been discussed with your supervisor several times wherein he responded in defending your absence. Recently, when the monthly staff was examined, it was observed that you remained absent without notifying the relevant department or head of the department.

Therefore, this letter has been written to counsel you in detail in this regard. This kind of leave or absence is not market in authorized leave approved by the department as your annual count of leaves. An annual count of leaves must be approved by the chairperson or the head of the department. Our company works in the field of marketing and your position determines an important canon in this field. This means to say that such kind of absence can spell serious disaster on the company’s work, business, prorated profit and loss and thus repute.

We understand the emergency needs in the case of medical issues or family engagement but of this too; we have our lines to receive voice mails, text messages, calls, and emails. In any case, any of the said facilities can be taken into consideration. We can neglect trivial matters of absence based on an employee’s working capacity but such protocol cannot be entertained in case of not appearing at work for five consecutive days. This demeanor is epitomized as the most unprofessional act and rule out all working protocols of employee benefits. Such acts withdraw all the possibilities of an employee to get promotions, bonuses, and increments.

The pronouncement of all the possible consequences means to threaten you of the unexpected or expected outcomes that can fall at you and hinder you in getting a bright career in marketing and finance.

Andrews, we ascent all the competent employee’s capacities and benefit them in every possible way. Unscheduled absence can bring harsh results to the company at your responsibility. Business of marketing and finance needs a lot of focus, dedication, and determination.

I hereby describe the possible results of such continuous behavior; it can either result in your demotion, temporary or permanent reduction, temporary layoff, loss of the rights of the employee Rights Policy Benefits (2010), or termination.

Therefore, I suggest you respond to this letter with an apology or write to me at [email] if you have decided to not return. If this letter did not get a response within five working days, then your designation shall be considered as abandoned by you and thus other actions can be taken against you. For more, contact +[X] or contact our career counselor Mrs. Jilly Duck for the company’s policy on employee’s long-term un-notified absence. Thank you.


Jonathan Keller,
The Manager,
SIGMA Marketing Agency
Cavallier Corner Road, 23-A/99c California, USA

Counseling Letter to Employee for Leave without Information

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