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I recently came across a brochure that said you were looking for someone for the position of coach in (name of the organization). It feels like I am the best fit for this position due to my skills, abilities, and experience. I would like to state here that I have previous experience of (no of years) as I joined (name of the organization) as a head coach on (date/year) and left the organization on (date/year).

Before I started my job at (name of the organization) I worked in (name of the institute) as a coach. I started this job when I was still at university. I used to manage both my studies and my job, and I am proud to say that I was able to manage them both very well.

I am a very diligent and hardworking person who likes punctuality. I like to complete my tasks on time which help me in getting in less trouble with meeting deadlines. At (name of the institution) my responsibilities as a coach included coaching and preparing students for sports. I am an extrovert and thus, I have a very friendly nature. I tried to be more than a coach to the students. I used to help them in balancing their sports without compromising on their studies and grades.

I also used to give them emotional support and help them resolve any issues they are facing in the school. It happened a few times that the students discussed with me some issues going on in their homes that were distracting them from the studies and sports. I took the matter to the higher authorities and made sure that the parents or the guardians of the students were called and were told to resolve the issues so that the student can focus on his career.

One of my best habits is I like to take feedbacks. I not only took care of the matter that the students never had to face this issue again but also after the end of each year I encouraged students to give me anonymous feedback related to my attitude and coaching style. This feedback helped me in improving my personality in a great manner.

When I started my job in (name of the organization) after my graduation I was appointed as a head coach for the students due to my previous performance and experience. I was responsible for coaching the fresh batch of students each year. I trained them in several different sports. Many of the teams from (name of the organization) participated in the yearly held competitions sponsored by the government.

I am proud to state here that many teams from (name of the organization) under my supervision had won many prizes. The head of the organization (name of the organization) was very pleased with my performance and I was offered a promotion and raise in salary. I look forward to meeting you and your staff at (name of the organization) and discussing with you more about my previous experiences and the new responsibilities a coach in your organization has.

Yours Sincerely,

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